Can fasting, maybe 1 meal per day, be beneficial if LADA?

I read that some studies show calorie restriction extends life.
So if still producing insulin, wouldn't fasting help to stabilize BG.....& maybe relieve the pancreas to rest & regenerate?

Wishful thinking or would a little fasting help?


Hi Pat!
I agree that it seems logical that fastning reduces the stress on the pancreas. During gaining weight, that`s eating more than you need, you need constantly to increase the insulin doses. Loosing weight of course works opposite. It seems to me that my LADA halted when I lost a couple of kilos, and my diabetes is more stable after that. I did not fast, just had a busy period at work and a little baby to take care of in the evenings. I have always found it more difficult to control my sugars if I eat carbos in the morning, and I am not a fan of eating rich fat and protein meals mornings. Having nothing or having a big chunk of cheese workes fine. I recommend being carefull with carbos during morning and mid day. And eating your “sweets” after your late dinner. I m on Lantus 8 IE and Novorapid 8 IE a day. Shirin

Your pancreas is at work while you are fasting as well.

Your body gets energy from glucose two ways – by converting the carbs you eat into glucose or when your liver converts your fat stores into glucose and releases it into your body. When you fast, be it during the day or at night, your liver will release glucose to provide your body with energy. Your pancreas has to release insulin to process this glucose.

I think a better idea is to reduce the amount of carbs you eat, eat healthy balanced meals and exercise.

I don’t really think fasting helps, but tightly managing your blood sugars will. There is an argument that using your pancreas keeps it growing (use it or lose it). I don’t believe that using your pancreas “burns it out” as long as your blood sugar doesn’t get too high. If your blood sugar control is poor, then blood sugars over 140 mg/dl can cause glucotoxicity and that can burn out your pancreas.

Since I posted my question, I read even deeper into this website & have learned much more.

So basically, don’t aggravate the pancreas, just use it or lose it…that makes a lot of sense.

I read somewhere on that the BG readings s/b:

FBG < 110
1 hr after meal < 140
2 hr after meal < 120

So far, I’m achieving that w/o meds & hope to elongate the time before I advance to T1.
Sure wish I could turn back time & reverse the effects on my pancreas tho.

Thanks for your input.

Hi Shirin,
Interesting…I’m not a carb person in the AM either!

Right now, I’m eating a slice of homemade meatloaf, green beans & tomato for breakfast.
Similar for lunch & dinner - protein & non-starchy veggies.
I’ve never been a sweets or bread person.
2 Tblsp heavy cream with lots of water & < 1 Tblsp cocoa powder seems to quell my appetite lately. Ditto for a small handful of nuts.

That is Great! Jenny Ruhl over at blood sugar 101 ( suggests that readings over 140 mg/dl can start to cause damage. The targets you quote are even more aggressive than that, so you are doing great, keep up the good work.

I believe the answer to your questions is no to both . The “use it or lose it” answer is also wrong. Calorie restriction is believe to turn on a longevity gene . This allowed our ancestors the ablity to survive fame and starvation.

The problem with skipping a meal is that it dos’nt restrict calories in the long run. Skipping a meal tends to encourage bing eating .2nd your body will release two hormones leptin and grulin both will increase hunger. The better way is to eat 6 meals a day and reduce the total amount of calories for each meal so that the total daily calories is less. . Resvesatol can trigger the long gene .It is found in peanut,red wine and knotgrass . also quercentin can help .Onions and apple skins are high in qurcentin.

The problem with skipping a meal is that you put the pancreas in shock The insulin level drops then you eat and its force to produce more insulin( people who skip meals tend to have greater body fat for this reason) . Where as if you eat small meals 6 time a day that are low glycmic the insulin remains level. Avoid white foods White rice, white flour , white sugar ,white potatoes and stayaway from HFCS. Also avoid high process food . Eat mostly non-starchy veggies . Try divding your plate in the parts . Half of the plate for veggatables the second half of the plate divide it in half so it a quarter of the plate the first quater is one severing of protein and the second 1/4 for straches .I limmit to 1/4 cup to a 1/2 cup of things like brown rice or sweet potatoes ect. then have a snack in between your main meals so you’re eating every 2 to 4 hours but never go more than 4 hours with out eating . For snacks I might have a half cup of nuts or some freash fruit ;an apple or a 1/2 cp raspberies . But I stay away from watermelon ,pineapple and grapes that are high glycemic. you can add some yogurt with your snack . I like plain greek yogurt. I think you’ll find this will do better for you pancreas than skipping meals.
Since I’ve been doing this I’ve no longer have extreme highs or lows.

It may be helpful for you to read “the Zone Anti-aging” by Dr. Sears .