Favorite Remedy for Low BSs

today i went down to 32 while i was walking home from the subway from NYC bk to BKLYN. I had to stop and sit down on a bench and call my husband to pick me up with the car. i had absolutely no warning signal until it was too late. i was sweating, dizzy, confused, weak...thankfully, i had my cell phone on me at the time (i hate cell phones and only carry it for emergencies) (this was once of those times). i use to feel the warning signals of a low when i was new to D. now, i havent a clue until it is too late.

anyway, i got home and my husband poured me a Lg glass of OJ and stood in front of me like i was a naughty school girl making certain i drank it all up. at 32, i dont argue. i drink, and drink quickly. i dont even get to really enjoy the OJ (which is fresh!)

well i felt much better w/in 20 minutes. up to 114. at 5pm we went out to a diner for dinner. my sugars were low again (77). well i decided to have a grilled cheese sandwich on rye with tomato (MMMMMmmmmm), so i did a dual bolus(split evenly over a 2 hour period). Now, one hour has past and i felt weak again. i tested, and my BS were 50. UGH.

well now at 50, i am competent enough to be able to decide for myself what i want to eat to bring my BS back up over 100 ( a safe level for me). of course, and this might sound familiar to you, i am too dopey to figure out what i want: theres chocolate in the fridge, theres cookies, theres the reliable OJ, there is (a favorite) milk with Ovaltine....for the life of me i cannot make up my mind.i just stare like an idiot at the inside of my refridgerator. Finally, i grab the damn OJ.

what i would have prefered was a large glass of Malted milk with a piece of dark chocolate. at the time, this hadnt occured to me.

what about you? ever have this experience? and when you do, what do you turn to for your lows?

DOUGHNUTS !!!!!!!!!!

Like you it depends on how low I am. If I'm really low I'll stuff my face with anything sweet. Milk would be the better choice for your selections. Chocolate would take longer to be effective, and the lactose in milk would act quicker than the fructose in OJ. At least that's what my doctor told me. If I'm not too low I'll opt for chocolate or ice cream to keep me elevated overnight.

Adding some longer lasting carbs, like chocolate and malted milk, will make a difference. You were really going down, and it is something you will not be aware of at the time. The juice acts quickly, and something else was bringing you down rapidly.

If I were 32, my first choice would be pure glucose, hopefully with some water to wash it down, and help to absorb quickly.

But usually I know when I'm heading low, or my CGMS alerts me, and I try to have something more nutritious or yummy, often fruit, crackers, etc.

Are you saying you were 32 when you sat on the bench, and didn't have OJ until you were picked up by your husband and home ? Don't you carry something with you, or have your husband bring something, or get to someplace to buy something ?

I use a mix of Starburst Jelly Beans and Smarties. Usually 5-6 will do the trick.

MegaMinxX, i had glucose tabs w/ me and i downed about 5 of them. i was too weak to walk home alone w/out my husbands help.i was so disoriented as well. but whenever i go really low, even after my BS comes bk up, i am wasted, exhausted, like i got in the ring for one round with Mohammid Ali

I don't have good hypoglycemic awareness anymore. I've been diabetic for 38 years. I mostly turn to Rockets, Skittles or Dex-4. I really liked the old Dextrosol tabs, but I can't find them anywhere in Canada now, only the U.S. Orange juice is a common choice for me too.

Anything with fat like chocolate or dougnuts, I won't use to treat lows. They are high in sugar, but the fat content slows down how fast the sugar will bring your blood sugars up.

Good to hear. I agree it was wise to call for help, and glad you had g-tabs with you.

Many of my lows occur late afternoon, even though my basal rate is the lowest at that time of day. Sometimes I need to set a temp basal around 3pm to reduce basal even more, or have a small carb snack before dinner w/o bolus.

i'm going to try that the afternoon. why wouldnt you just lower your basal setting for that time of day? i have the exact same issue, and i simply lowered my basal from 3 - 5pm. i've also found that 4% cottage cheese helps a lot in keeping my BS steady. just a few spoons of it.

Really though have you had a glazed doughnut lately? No amount of fat is going to slow that puppy down.I'm not suggesting it as a food alternative for diabetics, but if I am low I like to eat something I can't normally have and massage my ego for getting low in the first place.

yes, i am guilty of that. but i know that once i get a heafty taste of that food from a low, i start to rationalize how if i just give myself a "little more" insulin, i could eat that dounut every day of the week.

I have these chewy sweets which are nice, sometimes my food tastes funny if I'm really low. Have stopped eating choclate cause it causes so much bother later on with the bg. Maisy, what a horrible experience to have. I'm the exact same with phones, hate them, but thankfully you had it with you.

I always carry some thing to eat with me - South Beach Diet meal bar, almonds, cashews, and gumi bears (for extreme emergencies). I was taken off of Levemir because of a event like the one you had - except my meter read "LOW" instead of a number - which means I was under 20 (Freestyle Lite meter). After two more days I was taken off of Metformin, and am now med free - for now anyway. I'm a Type 2.

Adjusting you insulin downward (less units) slowly until your BG stabilizes would be wise - I do not know if you are allowed to self adjust or not. You could be honeymooning, as I could be as well. I'd wait at least three days between adjustments, I always adjusted 5 units at a time.

i hear ya, Timothy, i like to indulge in something i cant normally have, either; but sometimes i get so low i cant make up my mind; i just stare blankly with confusion inside the fridge and havent a clue what i am doing there in the first place. OJ is a guarentee.

John, 5 untis at a time???? i wouldnt change more than .25 at a time. but then again, i am on the pump, so everything is different. good luck.

I was on the pen, I would imagine that a pump is different. When I less than units at a time with my Levemir - nothing would happen.

It's not the # of units but the ratio...with short term. I'm not sure adjusting Levemir like that exactly works? Sometimes I think you might get less with more by adjusting the balance between the types of insulin, unless you are only taking Levemir. I think there's some flexibility there, like if you can find a Levemir "peak" it can substitute for a bolus and, if you bolus some extra, it might "cover" a deficit in basal insulin. Either way can work. For me, I think it's better to cover food with boluses and leave the basal flatter. Basal insulins have a long reach!