FDA cracking down on offshore metformin with no prescription needed

It stands for Latent autoimmune diabetes of adults and is sometimes called type 1.5. Someone can probably describe it better than me, but it is adult onset T1 diabetes. It is different than T1 with children because it has a slower progression (a child's immune system attacks the cells quicker), and T1.5 diabetics often have insulin resistance.

If you don't have the typical belly fat of a T2 diabetic, I'd try to get them to give you a C-peptide tests and maybe the battery of antibody tests to see if you are T1.

Grrr. How much insulin are you taking? You can get the older types without a prescription from Walmart for $20-25 (vial). Maybe if you see your civilian doctor again, you can ask for free samples of insulin. A lot of docs will give you a couple of vials.

Thanks scot...I *have* heard of that it turns out...i guess i was unfamiliar with the acronym, and I was tested for the antibody.... I have an appointment with an endicrinologist next week but truthfully with so many bad experiences i don't feel very trusting...i have insulin now....i guess i am procrastinating. the last bout of war with them was exhausting.

thank you. I will. I am a bit behind...well maybe more than a bit. The diabetes thing is going to be huge.....
I check into every diabetes advocacy I can find, and though they all do good work of one kind or another, they all focus on diabetics helping themselves.
While helping ourselves is very important and should never be underplayed, I never see anything about confronting the establishment resistance we face...another example is test strips....for diabetics using insulin the minumim test strips per day is 7 to 8...that is the MINIMUM!!! You can find that on page 9 or maybe 14 on the 2013 ADA guidelines...try getting your educator or insurance to give you that many.
I was lucky to get that many my first 60 days on insulin and what i learned in those 60 days exploded a lot of false ideas i had about how different food impacted my blood glucose and i manage better because of it.
In every single science (I am an electronic engineer by training, as least that was one of my professions) feedback is half the the feedback-control loop. Without feedback, you have no control. Test strips give you feedback...but the hypocritcal health infrastructure wants us to achieve control without adequate feedback. Its a farce. *sigh*

I agree, test strips should never be limited.. I am lucky to get lots of them and I want the same for everyone- we need to fight to get the price reduced, they're way too expensive and they give us invaluable information about how to manage things including life threatening situations.

Thank you for this reply, I havn't forgot the actions i said i would take (petitions, etc).
I have another project to finish up and my own diabetic problems. Due to wildfires here, I havn't run for 2 or more weeks, and discovered I am absolutely as diabetic as everyone else...bad control problems, even tho still weightlifting body not working like i'm used to.
Then there is emotional turmoil of where I will get my own insuling....when i contacted insulin assistance throu my personal civillian doctor yesterday the last door was slammed on my face: as a veteran with contact with the VA, I am unable for any help (VA should be helping). Their ongoing refusal to help is the whole problem....then i had a bunch of problems because i stubbornly decided i would use those 90 vials i had til they were all gone (just figure out how much more and do that....) my *own* treatment plan is just in tatters, but I'll keep working to make the best of it.
But the short answer is that *despite* my *personal* challenges, I am not giving up on *draining this swamp*.
I learned a few days ago that this policy change by the FDA/USDA may have been contrary to notice requirements of the Administrative Procedure Act of 1946 due to lack of period for public input....You can see the following link and i hope you will go take a look at it:
usgovinfo.about.com/od/thepresidenntandcabinet/a/Agencies-dodging-public-commen the end of this link is chopped off so you might need to google the lin instead of cuttingand pasting into you browser...**If** this is of interest to you, reply back with questions/comments :)