FDA OKs Dexcom G6 Pro CGM system

Just approved. Anybody know the difference between regular Dexcom G6 and Dexcom G6 Pro CGM System?

From the Dexcom Website - loks like a G6 designed for the Endo’s to monitor:

Dexcom G6 Pro is a practice-owned diabetes management tool with the accuracy1 of the personal Dexcom G6 CGM System, allowing healthcare professionals to gather real-time and retrospective data about their patients’ glucose patterns over a 10-day period.
Read our latest press release to learn more.

  • Exceptional Dexcom G6 accuracy2
  • One-touch insertion applicator and auto-start transmitter
  • Single-use, disposable sensor
  • Zero fingersticks or calibrations*required
  • Available in blinded or unblinded mode
  • Real-time alerts (in unblinded mode)
  • Glucose patterns, trends, and statistics available through Dexcom CLARITY

Here’s the link:


Thank you

Glad to see unblinded option, which prior versions lacked. Hope the docs use it!

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Oh wow that reminds me of my first cgm for the purpose of dosing my basal insulin. It was a large box twice the size of an insulin pump with a thick stiff cable to a sensor on my arm. No read outs no way to see it. It would buzz every 10 min when testing. It would alarm all the time but gave you no idea what it wanted. Near impossible to shower.

When my endo suggested cgm the first time, I said no way I’m doing that. Cause that was my only experience.
Why can’t the endo just have a regular g6 system to loan out? I don’t see a reason for it being blind or for it being different at all.