Fear No Art


Fear No Art, I just love the statement. Art: you don't have to love it, hate it or even attempt it, but, whatever you do Fear No Art. This isn't my work. The image is from a shirt my brother used to wear while practicing Tae Kwon Do (he got to 2nd degree black belt- see first entry). I cherish the shirt and wore it several times to fencing lessons this past spring in his honor. I think he would have loved that I took fencing. I took a photo of the shirt and then processed it on my Mac.

Here is some of my art. This is a piece from a series of pictures I created based off of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland last fall. It has already been posted on my Through the Looking Glass on Live Journal in one of the earlier entries. If anyone out there has an art background, pictures ect. please let me know. I am like a sponge. I have yet to take an actual art class outside of grade school public schooling ye long time ago (hopefully will take one this fall) and will gobble up any advice and technique people put forth.

I hope all is well in the world for you out there. Things are going here. I had an mild low in the morning that caused me to wake up with a headache and stomach ache. The bloodsugar didn't wake me up though. It was my 2 year old son's thrashing that did (diaper problem). I usually sleep like a rock, or a log, or any other non-animated itemed that lays on the ground. The problems were afronted, both diaper and bloodsugar, and I managed to get back to sleep.

My husband is a teacher and he is off for the summer. He is such a sweet man that he has been letting me sleep in in the morning. I think it is sooooooo thoughtful. He says that it is just a life saving strategy because I don't wake well. Anyways.... I woke up mildly low (still) with a headache and slight stomach ache. I used my pump to help edge up my sugar level without changing what I ate for breakfast.

Now I have an issue that if anyone can help me with or relate to I'd appreciate it. My bloodsugar dipped back down again due to anxiety. I had gotten it back up around 100. The day before at the same time I was in the 130's. This particular problems happens constantly when I do something new or involves a lot of people and is not physically demanding (if it is physically demanding stress, like a competition, my sugar shots up :(). My son had a trial class for tumbling toddlers, a gymnastic program for tots. My husband and I accompanied him. Not far into the class things become visually fuzzy, I am only hearing a 1/4 of the things the instructor is saying. It is a full body kind of numbness except for the slight pain behind my eyes. Oh, no, I am low. My husband stays with my son and I test and down a little under a half can of Sprite (because I forgot my apple juice) and jump back into the activities still numb. Is it a mix of a low and an anxiety attack? I don't know. This happens when we go to toddler time at the library to, or visit people. The thing is that when we actually start class in Sept. my husband will be back at work. Someone needs to be looking over my son, but food and beverage isn't allowed on the mat area. My little boy isn't the still, quiet type so watching from the edge isn't going to work. Any one have advice on this one?

The rest of the day was alright up until the evening. When I learned that at this point if I do a decreased basal I really don't need to eat that banana (yum banana) before going to kickboxing. And apparently I didn't need a decreased basal tonight as I have been in the 150/160's since class. Last night I didn't do the decreased basal and had the snack before heading out to dance class and I was low (40s) in the evening and over night. Blah! So confusing.

Well, that was my day. Now..... a curiousity questions!

Bloodless "glucometers". The trials and pre-trial info was all the buzz about two years ago. Laser testing through the skin on the arms, eye contacts that changed colors based on your blood sugar levels (groovy). Has anyone heard anymore about these advancements? Would you wear the contacts if that came out in the US (they were working on them in Japan I believe)? Have you heard of any other new zany advancements in blood testing and the (hopefully) lack of blood letting?

Thanks for your thoughts, opinions and responses.


Thank you so much for your comment on my Video… THE TIP GNOME will continue!!! :slight_smile: