Sometimes I wonder if there are other PWD out there who have an intense fear of food poisoning, like I have.


I have never had food poisoning and I’m still scared of it. You aren’t the only person I’ve heard of who has gone into DKA just from having food poisoning. I’m actually scared of getting any kind of illness that involves vomiting. I haven’t thrown up since I was a kid (well, the one time I’ve ever gotten drunk aside …), and from what I have read it very often ends up in a hospital visit for Type 1s.

I had food poisoning about 32 years ago. My Hubby and I had gone out with his Family to a restaurant near Toronto. I was the only one who ordered the chicken sandwich(it tasted like pork to me). A couple hours later at his Uncle’s home, I started feeling sickeningly(is that a word?) dizzy and luckily made it to the can in time. Boy was I sick!

But no, I do not fear food poisoning(tw). I am picky preparing our food and as far as restaurants, and food bought at stores, if it happens, it happens. I wash things thoroughly.

I DO fear wasps, bees and heights for Good reason though.

Having a serious event like you did, Kari, would scare the hell out of just about anyone, and knowing that food poisoning (FP) was the trigger would definitely make me want to avoid ever getting it again. I have had FP a couple of times. The first time was in New Orleans in 1977 before I was diabetic. I had eaten some Popeye’s fried chicken that evidently was tainted. The resulting stomach cramps, chills, and profuse sweating I had for several hours was enough for me to want to avoid getting FP in the future. However, I did get it again this year after eating a steak and salad at a restaurant. My blood sugar numbers skyrocketed, and I was stuck in the bathroom at home for a couple of hours and had no desire to test or inject, but felt I had to at least test, so I did. My numbers went into the 300s, and then started coming back down, so I didn’t hit the very dangerous and lofty levels that you did.

That being said, I’m not really afraid of getting FP, but I am now VERY cautious when it comes to dining out. After all, when someone else is preparing and handling your food, you neither know the history of the ingredients nor the sanitary practices of the kitchen or the food-prep staff. It comes down to being a trust issue. As a consequence of my experiences, if I walk into a restaurant, and I don’t get a good feeling about the place, I go back out the front door. I avoid all fast-food places as much as possible, although I will on occasion get a grilled chicken salad when needing something and in a pinch.

Anyway, as much as possible, I try to prepare my own meals and do my own grocery shopping. I don’t ever want to every get FP again either just on account of the misery alone.

How about just a fear of food? LOL…seriously, based on your experience, your fear sounds completely rational. Remember, fear is a survival mechanism. We are conditioned to fear that which might kill us, and you definitely came close! I’d say you have a healthy fear.