Feasting on the 25th- how did we handle it?

Well we made it through another food feast day. How did we do?

I had to really restrain myself and made sure I got an hour walk in as well. It was rainy and chilly here in Los Angeles yesterday so we had to get our walk in when there was a break in the weather.

I would like hear some of the methods others used to avoid all the yummy stuff that elevate our BGs. Also, how did you handle people shoving cakes at you? I am re-gifting some of high carb foods I got from people as gifts.

I made Tofuky Roast (vegan) with roasted vegetables, vegan pumpkin pie (pumpkin tofu, Splenda and whole wheat crust). I also ate some Soy Creamy Non-Dairy Desert (vegan ice cream).

I am very impressed and proud for you.

I handled the day better than I’ve ever handled a feast day. I certainly feasted, but I controlled my blood sugar surprisingly well.

I knew I wanted to eat a cup of lasagna (no idea on the carbs), 30g of garlic toast, and a slice of the first cheesecake I’ve ever made (and no, it wasn’t low-fat OR low-sugar) with fresh strawberry slices and sugar free preserves. So I told my pump I was eating 90g of carb total, split the bolus for 55% now (about 30min before we ate) and 45% over two hours, and took another 4 unit bolus once the fat kicked in and my sugar started to rise about 6 hours later. I saw a blood sugar level in the low 200s once at that 6 hour mark (CGM read 180 and rising), but otherwise, smooth sailing under 120 all evening and all night long. Woke up at a comfy 97 mg/dL.

About the food police. I am lucky in that I do all the cooking and my wife has never been into food so she goes with the flow. Funny story, I travel out town on business a lot and I have send her email before her leaves work to tell her what is for dinner. If do not remind her she will eat a banana and that is it. As vegans it is important we eat lots of veggies (and protein), not just bananas.

Making a vegan roast is a little much so that was the extra effort for the holiday. I have to watch out for the high carb deserts that I love so much. I think my favorite cookie has about 30 grams. That is the reason I made my own pie. New years eve, I got to work on that .

I am going to bet you will maintian your BGs. U are on alert so that means you will eat the pie with your eyes wide open! No subconcious eating is the trick.

I didn’t keep myself from eating the sweet and high carb foods, but what I did do was eat very little of it. My blood sugars stayed pretty steady, I think the highest it went was 145.

The Christmas cookies offered were way too horribly sweet to eat at all; I might have had a total of three throughout the day. OTOH, most of the food available was turkey in refrigerator biscuits. Turkey=good. Refrigerator biscuits=not good. We had frozen-bake-yourself pumpkin pie a couple of days ago and compared to what I’ve made recently, it was absolutely awful. The worst of everything has been visiting in a place where there is little fresh fruit and veggies and all the starches are refined/white and stuff I normally don’t keep in the house because it is SOOooooo unhealthy. (Then when I get them elsewhere, and his parents make enough breakfast for an army instead of only 4 of us!, I binge.)

One of those things where I more-or-less grin-and-bear it (do some shopping, cooking, and preparation where I can) and then go back home and eat stuff that’s normal, whole-grain, and healthy.

Dear Kim.

Not well our pig out was on the 24 and I am still quite sink today the 26. I was not allowed to be not present. For a diabetic it shows that others have no consideration for your disease. Even God was angry it was -30 so going for a walk was out of the Question. Sorry to hear some slight cold even made it to LA. Well I bet the banana plants are toast in Vancouver. The whole experience was like forcing an AA person to attend a Bacchanalia.

I fell off the wagon, I admit it. Being recently diagnosed, and still trying to adjust and make changes, I fell right back into my old patterns. I am a teacher and have until the fifth off, and I worry about what I will do to myself. I am trying to stay busy with my 5 and 2 year old, but even then I find myself snacking and being naughty. I lost 20 pounds since the end of October until now, and really don’t want to step on the scales!!! I guess I’m just gonna have to make myself do it again, and remember how good I felt when I made those changes. I guess we’re all entitled to a fall or two.

Wow, sounds like you had a wonderful healthy feast. When I eat a vegan diet at home, I make all kinds of wonderful choices but most of our family and friends don’t have a clue what that means so my choices are extremely limited. I have learned to take my own food and enjoy the time with family and friends. It works well because I don’t overeat and feel great and my BGs stay within target.

Dear Rainbowgoddess.

The same here it was 11 in the night and I cant fall asleep when it is that high. So I injected 10 IU of novorapid that did not help at all so another 10 units 1 hour later. This would normally be a lethal dose. I told my daughter to check to see if I would be still alive at 4 am, being a night person she did and I was. Your Christmas diner sounds good we will do this for new year minus the fudge.

I stuck with the proteins and salad, and had a glass of red wine, nothing major. Then the pies appeared. I had a whole slice of pumpkin and a few bites of apple, both with real whipped cream, and it was GOOD. My BG peaked at 158, which I know isn’t terrible, but it isn’t that great either. I found myself trying to justify it by telling myself that even a non-diabetic can spike briefly if they eat a bunch of pie … but then just to reality-check myself, I asked my sweetie to test – because he ate even more pie than I did, and we ate it at the same time – and his BG was only 102. Grr.

Sometimes I can half convince myself that even though I’m diabetic, it’s not really all THAT bad to let my BG go up to 150, 165, 180 … It was good to see how a non-diabetic’s body handles a lot of sugar, and remind myself that just because I feel good does not mean it’s okay to eat everything I want, as much as I want, whenever I want. On the other hand, a slice of pie two or three times a year is not gonna kill me. I just need to stay honest with myself about how much of it I’m really eating.

I was so happy we had Boysenberry pie my fav since I was little. I could eat the whole thing and damn my BG. But I did not I ate one piece and covered it well with my pump. Since I got past that anything else was easy :slight_smile:
Be loved

Unfortunately, I did not handle the Christmas feast very well. I had 1 cup of white rice with about 1/4 cup of white noodles and a 3 inch scallion cake (it was all Korean food), then voila, an hour later, my BG was 239, two hours later, 190, anyway, it took 5 hours to fall below 120. Which leads me to question, does anyone know if being on low-carb food makes your body more sensitive to lots of carbs in one meal? I wouldn’t know since I’ve never measured my BG previously when I ate my regular Korean food & started taking Metformin.

Hi Debb,
from one grand parent to another I wish the little lady a speedy recovery. I know it really hurts when you cannot talk them through the pain. Good luck,

Hi Anthony.
I see that you from Calgary. Several years ago i stayed there for about two months and did some work for A Petroleum Conference . At the end of my stay I was made an Honorary Calgarian . I still have my white hat in the closet ! If recall correctly there were some nights when it did not get dark until after 10pm. That was new for me
Overall I enjoyed it alot and look forward to visitig again someday.

Dear rainbowgoddess.

Lying in bed on an ear when the BG is at 11 i.e. 200 or more I can hear the heart pounding like a kettle drum in my ear, hard to fall asleep. However under similar bood sugar concentration in the comfy TV chair no problem. Any other people have this problem ?

Dear Jim.

That was in summer time. In winter during the shortest day it is pitch black at 4.00 pm to add to the misery. The more so in the last 2 weeks it has been as low as -30F. However there are about 60 days per year that the daytime high in winter can be in the high 40 or low 50 so you can actually go fly fishing. The shortest day was on the 21 Dec the days get longer now thank God.