"Featured Discussions'

Am I the only one that hates the “Featured Discussions”? Every single time I return to the front page after reading a post I have to scroll down past the featured discussions. Sometimes they are the really interesting discussions that have gotten lots of response. Sometimes they are like now: The note about the Upstream thingie that no longer is current, something about voting by June 22nd (it’s July 3rd) and something about diabetes theme songs…huh? Do we really need this feature? Perhaps if a lot of people feel as I do the feature will be discontinued?

Sorry to make fun of your theme song thread, lotsofshots. I have to admit I hadn’t read it, ( partly because it was under community games) and when I did just now, I enjoyed the points it brought up.

But I still hate the featured discussions!

Isn’t it just like a news feed though? Whatever is most recent comes up first. I think that’s ok…

I don’t think it has to do with responses, because the UStream post never got any responses.

It provided video access to segments of talks from the ADA conference in San Diego. When it was green it meant there was a talk going on.

Probably, lol. The only segment I listened to was interesting, though, because it was a speaker from JDRF talking about their change in focus to include adults as well as children. I was aware of that through my local branch, but it was nice to hear them say it.

Especially when it occurs over and over and over again.

At first it bugged me but now I sort of skim over it automatically and don’t even see it that much, sort of like a lot of internet ads?

Where was the “upstream thingie?” If I had seen it and known what it was, I would have made use of it.

There are a number of discussions that I never open and they often appear on the home page. But i figure I am an old fogey and just skip them. I have never opened a “here’s a game” thread. Or 'think of a word" or “what do you name your pump?” The latter is the weirdest for me but then I try to recognize that I am kind of weird too.
I had better stop before I get out of control here! How many have I offended today? Hope you had a happy holiday.

I just know what I’m looking for and look there and don’t see anything else? Occcasionally, I’ll hit “T1” or some other sub grouping by mistake and it looks different and I’ll sort of reflexively start looking for the “forum” button to get back to starting?

Actually Zoe, thanks for bringing this up. The featured content in all content areas (members, discussions, photos, blogs, etc) is selected by the admin in charge of that content area for the month and should be fresh, relevant, and rotated regularly so that the homepage material changes several times per week.

As lead admin, I’ll speak with the team and evaluate what we can do differently to make sure it doesn’t get stale. Sorry for the annoyances.

Thanks, Melissa. My own personal vote is to dispense with it altogether and let everyone decide what they want to read. Or save it for timely announcements like the Ustream when it was due to start or the voting thing ahead of time. I was trying in my post to see if others felt that way as well. But barring that option, I appreciate your working on making it fresh and relevant.

Yes, I also don’t limit myself to Type 1, I just have the “forum” in my favorites so I get all of the posts not just a particular category.I can’t imagine anyone thinking you were intruding. There’s lots of common ground.