February 8th, 2011: First appt for the pump

So I told the Animas group that I would write a blog about the training I had on Feb 8th. So here it is!

I was quite nervous as I entered into the Joslin Clinic. I was 30 mins early just in case. The first half of my 4 hour day was with a CDE to figure out your basal rates, etc. I, this week have to keep track of the # of insulin I use each day to have a precise record to give for my insulin start trainer on Tuesday.

After she left, my trainer from Animas, Juila came in. We went over everything and took a bit longer than the 2 hours as I had LOTS of questions. I did want to be sure I was doing everything right, etc. So she told me the difference between the sample infusion sets I have. I decided to go with the inset 30 as I dont see the needle.

she goes over the features of the pump and she was pleased that I figured a lot of it out on my own which for her was helpful that I played around with it, etc. We got the reservoir set up first. That was easy! But scary at the same time for me. We learned how to rewind, prime, etc. That was interesting and it was neat to see how it worked. I got to see the thing that pushes up the reservoir up going downwards to prepare to get it set. Then we took the practice infusion set (no needle in it) and practice opening it, etc.

Then I practice inserting the infusion set into a foam pillow to get the idea. Then it was my turn to do so on myself. The first one I took the needle cover off and slid the whole infusion set off of the needle! The second time we had an early injection which caused me to bleed and no infusion set intact to me. The final time we got it in. So I used up 4 of her sets. She had more that she gave me until my order has arrived.

The insertion wasn’t bad at all. I was surprised. I thought it would hurt. But it didn’t. Once I had the infusion set in me, we went over clipping it in and stuff. That wasn’t bad. Then we went over the plan that is set in place for me. My insulin start date is 2/15/11. Then i have an appt on the 23rd, and a few more.

Sleeping last night was interesting. I had trouble sleeping! My cat didn’t seem to want anything to do with the tubing. But I was still worried. Today the rep wanted me to do a cartridge change and an infusion set change. I did it to the T but the reservoir didn’t go in all the way like its suppose to! So right now the pump as 54 units. Grrr…I am waiting to hear back from her in what I should do. I feel like I did something wrong but can’t figure it out. I started to play around with the software. Apparently the software doesn’t like netbooks so I had to change my resolution to mess up my computer. I did however take out all of the foods I do not eat at all. I am down to 86 out of 500. so I have plenty of room to put in my fav foods. Especially from places that I eat from. I should finish that up this week before insulin start date.

So that is my thruoghts!

I am glad you are hooked up Amy! At least the trainer had a bunch of extra sets – they are probably used to that though. I used the regular Insets at my training and messed up the first one I tried!

I wonder if you accidentally bumped something to stop the rewind – some people don’t do the full rewind because they don’t fill the cartridge up. I don’t fill my cartridge up, but I still do the full rewind – just easier that way!

My cat never bothers my tubes either – hopefully, your cat will stay that way!

You won’t be as nervous next week since you will have had a week to play with buttons!

Kelly I am glad she had extra sets too! I was beginning to worry that she wouldn’t have any. But at least I ordered my infusion sets through neighborhood and will have them. If i get tired of them I can always try something different. I have no idea what I did wrong. I re-read the manual and on Friday will try again as that will be day 3. Hopefully I’ll get it right and will be fine till Tuesday.

Hopefully your supply place will send you enough. Even if they say site changes every 3 days, you need extras. If you have a bad site, you will have to pull it. And then there are the messups like you had yesterday. I used half of my 90 day supply in the first 2 weeks!

I made up a little cheat sheet in the beginning because they did not really have everything in one place in the manual. That seemed to make it easier to go thru the steps & make sure I did everything.

Kelly I have to change it on Friday. I’ll change the reservoir then too. So far I think today went well with the few mishaps this morning. I think by Tuesday I’ll be all set. I will write down questions as I’ll want to use the meter so I dont mess up the calculations even though I can do it on my calculator but still. I want it to be right. Plus I spent half the day deleting and adding stuff to the food directory that fits with my life. I dont eat beans so I took that out. I took out some other stuff and added stuff. Right now I have 103 items in there. I will fill it up to the 500 :slight_smile: