February query: What would you do with a diabetes-free day?

February's question for consideration (and blogging, and discussion, and videos...) is:

Imagine that the extra day in February that comes around every leap year was a day without diabetes. What would you do?

I find it almost impossible to imagine, and I'm sure I couldn't stop worrying about my blood sugar, no matter what. But it's still interesting to ponder... I think I'd wake up and laugh, then cry, and laugh, and cry .... And then I'd go to a restaurant and have waffles with butter and syrup. And then .... I don't know

What would you do? Write your thoughts below, or write a blog about it and post the link in the discussion feed below!

Oh boy Emily! First I'd hide all the D stuff so I couldn't see it, then rip out my ifusion set and dex sensor and get have a looooooong, hot bath with a side of chocolate bonbons while my home made mac 'n' cheese is cooking. My restaurant meal would be an all-you-can-eat sushi bar with red bean buns and load of dumplings!

Geez, now I'm hungry.

Oh man, great minds think alike jrtpup! I was thinking rip out the dex and take a long hot lavendar salt whirlpool bath up to my neck while eating valentine's candy!!!

Then I would head to the nearest seafood restaurant and eat fried shrimp and hush puppies with cajun rice!! Finished off with fruit cobbler and ice cream...yummm

Course now I'm feeling kind of sick just thinking about the food hangover from eating all that...

I honestly don't know what I'd do.

If it wasn't in Feb (why can't leap year add an extra day in June), I'd run around outside barefoot! As long as we're dreaming, it can also be 80 degrees in Feb where I live:)

I'd stuff myself with Chinese dim sum (love dumplings!) & then go out for Indian food with friends. Need to share the joy with beloved friends.

Oooo & enjoy all the extra time not spent on D stuff.

OK, for my fantasy, all calories will also be suspended for one day. ;0)

First of all, ditto on the walking barefoot outside -- even in February, I'd love to run down to Shilshole Beach and feel sand squish between my toes. Then I'd go up to the top of Golden Gardens -- or maybe over to one of the golf courses -- and just walk around feeling the grass tickle my toes.

Then I'd go for a swim without my pool shoes or ear drops and not worry about getting skin infections or ear infections. Just alternate between the pool and the hot tub, and run barefoot into the showers and locker room and sauna with no foot-care worries.

After my beach and pool activities, I'd wander over to Red Mill for a burger, fries and a hand-made shake -- just real, good old-fashioned American food like my grandmother used to serve at her cafe when I was a kid.

Then I'd go get a pedicure -- again, not worrying about a stranger handling my feet and possibly nicking my toes or giving me a dangerous infection. I'd get cherry-red toe polish and walk around window-shopping downtown in strappy sandals showing off my fancy toes and giving no thought to glass or splinters on the sidewalk.

In the early evening I'd flip a coin and decide between Jambalaya or Crawfish Étouffée at the New Orleans Creole Restaurant, with Bananas Foster and café au lait for dessert.

I'd stop on my way home to stare at the moon with unblurry vision -- a first in a very long time -- and probably cry because it would be so pretty.

Safely back home, I'd put my feet up and admire my toes while watching a movie, snacking on a handful of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts and sipping an Amaretto and cream. Before the clock struck midnight, I'd sigh with contentment, fulling savoring that I didn't have to weigh, measure, count, calculate, test, inject, log or do anything else diabetes-related for an entire day -- all with zero guilt and zero fear. Heaven.

I would want to be waking up on a cruise ship in the Bahamas. First thing when I wake up throw all diabete supplies overboard. Next head to the morning buffet and have pastries and belgium waffles until my heart is content. After this go hang out on the beach for awhile. After the beach then the lunch buffet with pizza and fries and lots of ice cream with chocolate syrup. Rest up for a high carb dinner and then the chocolate buffet that night. At midnight I will be going for a swim in the ocean looking for my diabete supplies.

I agree with Doris.

I'm a parent of a child with diabetes, and I would SLEEP.

I know this sounds wacko, but I don't think I would do anything differently (except maybe not inject my insulin and give myself a hypo). During my adventure, I actually experienced several remissions where I had to consider this question. These remissions left me nearly non-diabetic for 2-3 weeks. But I always knew that it would come to an end. In one epic meal, I went to Chipotle and had a burrito listed at 90g of carbs and was normal at 2 hrs. Normally at that time, eating 15g of carbs and being under 140 mg/dl at 2hrs was barely achievable.

But in the end, I knew it was a fleeting situation. I could (and would) wake the next day and face my reality. Eating something like a krispy kreme, while it might give me immediate pleasure, it would also cause me long-term grief. I would crave for things I couldn't have for weeks. I would beleive that my life was limited by the things that I am forbidden. So in the end, I chose to just stay the course. I didn't really splurge and I didn't do all those banned things. I may never have a remiision and I'm not sorry about it.


I would spread my wings and fly...

Even if for a day...

I have forgotten what it would be like...

flight for a day...

Depression would not be endless...

But only a year away...

I can wait that long...

What a wonderful day...;-)

I like your fantasy Jean! :)

Oh, yeah. Remember SLEEP? I vaguely do remember it. ;0)

Well, this is all fantasy, right? Just add "have no cravings afterwards" to your fantasy and enjoy. ;0)

Great topic! I'd disconnect (physically and emotionally) from my pump and meter and enjoy not being tethered for the day, but I don't think I'd do anything radically different.

I've heard there's a custom among the Amish community where teens can leave the simple life for a short period of time and experience the modern technologies of the world (I think there may have been a reality show about it), then they need to decide whether or not to re-join their families and their traditional culture or to embark on a brand-new life and not look back. I'm sure it's a very difficult choice to make; an exercise in resisting temptation.

I'm afraid that if I took those 24 hours to indulge in ways I haven't indulged in thirty years, I wouldn't look back. The difficulties and restrictions of diabetes would again take effect, but I'd have already fallen in love with the non-D lifestyle, and wouldn't be willing to give that up. That could be dangerous. I'm better off keeping the changes small.

I would enjoy being as active as I happen to be during my day and repeatedly realizing there was no possible way I could go low. That would be wonderfully weird.

I would praise God and cry and laugh!1 I would run , walk, ride my bike and not have to be concerned about whether my blood sugar was dropping too much.I would want to leave the pump and all the diabetic gear AT- Home, but it would be so tempting to test to see if the non-diabeteic state was really true..
I would visit friends and family,and would take them all out to eat at a feast!!!For breakfast , lunch and dinner I would eat a diverse, eclectic menu; Breakfast would be fresh French bread with butter,honey and an omelette, with a syrupy sweet latte with whipped cream. Lunch would be Greek food ( mediteraneaN)gyros and salads) with as much humuus and pita bread as I want, + bakvlava!!. Dinner would be fried chicked and fried okra and mac and cheese and cornbread( not just one of them) Dessert would be Spumoni ice cream and pound cake!!!By then, if i wasn't sick, I would go for a looong walk, even if was cold out, and sing and cheer!!! I would be thankful for such a day, even if I had to hook up to the pump the next day: It would be a welcome leap year reprieve and I would not regret anything I did (or ate)!! lol

I have to fix breakfast now. So hungry after thinking about that food!!!

God bless,

Enter the World Cake Eating championships of course!!!! and then if I still had space I would join you for waffles and see how many we could eat......and just for a laugh we could check our sugar and have a chuckle at our paranoia as we read 4.1

I'd do all the things I want to do but always feel too tired to do. I would have no "funny turns" to bother about; it would be brilliant!

I think I would indulge in some French toast and maple syrup for breakfast, pizza for lunch and some lasagna or spaghetti for dinner followed by the best chocolate cake ever. But that's in a perfect world and not happening any time too soon, lol. But we can dream.