February query: What would you do with a diabetes-free day?


I would start out going to grandma's for pancakes and waffles with strawberries and butter and maple syrup. Then I would have an all-fruit all-day marathon while I run a marathon! And then I'd finish up with my great-grandma's home-made bread with honey and butter :D

It's really funny how food from your childhood never leaves you, even when you don't eat it anymore.




LOL. I'm with you Uniboy!!


I'd spend the day with jrtpup!! Toss the pod & the Dexie and order the waffles.


LOL Ellie, come on over!


bsc - I am with you. Being diabetic is part of who I am.
I’m not sure that I would do anything different.

That said, I used to eat Pad Thai at least once a week prior to my diagnosis…
It might be just a bit tempting, if I knew that I could eat it without a spike.


I'd leave everything at home, just go for a looooong walk, sit with a friend in a park, eat when I felt like it or not at all, and not have to worry once about checking anything, carrying anything, or being attached to anything. What that would feel like...


I would drink Diasrono Sours all day while eating ice cream, indian food and dim sum. Maybe I'd go for a long run or swimming at some point too, since I wouldn't have to worry about my blood sugar dropping. I'd also walk through every airport security checkpoint or government building security checkpoint I could find since I wouldn't have to explain why my pump wasn't a bomb threat and why it's perfectly fine to have a bunch of syringes and pointy things in my purse. Oh, and I'd wear some kind of very tight/sexy dress because I wouldn't have to worry about where to hide my pump.


Ummm, that's a good question! Sitting here thinking about it and having a hard time coming up with something. At this point (after 10+ years of being a diabetic) it's pretty much embedded in my brain!


I would do a 24 hour mountain bike race SOLO.
I know i could go faster not thinking about all the d stuff.
And after if i still had time i would eat everthing in sight.


Seriously? I would hide all my meters; all my emergency sources of glucose; my pill bag with all my diabetes drugs, insulin pens, insulin vile,syringes,pen needles,alcohol pads, etc.; all low-carb and sugar free foods! Not read any of the numerous email newsletters pertaining to diabetes. Not worry about checking my feet or other body parts cuts, scratches, blisters etc. Not worry about having to eat on a regular schedule, drink some good booze! Wow-that sounds awesome!!


I would take Sophia on a little tropical adventure with lots of water play and yummy treats along the way :)


I wouldn't probably do anything much different if I had a Diabetes free day. I'm T2 and my management is not intrusive.


I would pass Caleb on to his grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins and let them do anything they wanted with him without worrying one bit about anything except that he's having a great, worry free time.


Donate to someone having a really hard time. I'm T2 and got D pretty well in hand & can cope wit it at present.


Play pond hockey with the boys all day long, until the ice melts around the edge. We fall in and laugh all the way home.

Ali has a fire going, real hot chocolate whipped cream.

Homemade chicken pot pies.


First I would sleep in late--I mean like until 10, I would wake up and jump in my pool (yes it is heated) and swim until I was prunie! Then I would have cold pizza (as much as I want) for a late breakfast with Dr. Pepper!!..Next, I would head down to the beach and drink Maragaritas and eat Conch cerviche on those wonderful salty crackers and a side order of fried clams.(Yum!!) I would spend the afternoon walking up and down my beach for hours and thinking only about the waters and shells!! For dinner, I would have veal scallopini on angel hair pasta with a bottle of Chianti!! (Oh yes, I will drink that whole bottle!!)..When I returned home, I would soak in the hot tub until midnight struck and I turned back into a Diabetic pumpkin!!


Celebrate! I think I'd do something like go on a hike or to the beach with my kids. I wouldn't have to worry about my insulin pump being in the way, my insulin getting too hot, needing to treat a reaction, having to plan around scheduled meal times, or having a combination of hypoglycemia and heat exhaustion (I'm very sensitive to heat and a reaction makes it that much worse.). I would enjoy the freedom. Then maybe go out for a really rich dessert. :)


I would do bread pudding. I WOULD MARRY BREAD PUDDING, in a secular ceremony.


I would do a dance of joy & thankfulness!