February query: What would you do with a diabetes-free day?


I'd spend the day hiking through the mountains! It's not something I normally do because walking makes me low, there's too much stuff to carry around, etc.


Nothing much different. Might eat a few more cookies, though.


This was a great question.....When I was thinking and writing, I actually got lost in the dream and could imagine the feeling of contentment without the hassles of doing. Thanks Emily because for a brief moment in my day, I wasn't a T1!!!


Simple : have some liquor on Fri eve. to celebrate the weekend ( as I did prior to diagnosis ) ...on the other hand ...would taste toooooo sweet ??


What I would do: http://www.tudiabetes.org/profiles/blogs/february-query-what-would-you-do-with-a-diabetes-free-day


I would exercise worry free and enjoy no testing and injections for the day. Then maybe have a waffle mint chocolate chip ice cream cone:)


I know what I'm doing. http://www.frizbian.com/2012/02/diabetes-free-day/

Thanks for the blog topic.


I would dance in the shower. Twirl and twirl like no tubing is attached to me. And then I would go out to sushi and enjoy not pretending I could count however many carbs that was.


What a dream! But I love to dream about a better world so I can't dream of a day without you my so sweet type 1. So no insulins, no glucometers, no carbs to count...well... oh! I will go to the best "Pâtisserie" of my town and eat all those such pretty cakes,...this one please and the others, just behind the first one. Maybe a small voice inside my brain will tell me "Brigitte you eat too much, and you forget to do your injection, please stop ! NO because today I'm FREE. But it's only a dream and what a dream!


I would probably get up and check my BG b/c I am so used to doing it. Then after looking at the calendar I would realize this is my D free day. The only thing I would indulge in is a piece of lemon-merengue pie with a graham cracker crust. That used to be my favorite and I haven't had it since I was dx'ed. The other food that I eat now I do like and wouldn't add anything else.
I can almost taste the pie. Yum !!!!


I would drive farther than 3 miles down the road. My diabetes are linked to my seizures. Go to Chill and eat all the frozen yogurt that I wanted. I would go to the land of CandyLand and eat all the candy I wanted. I would go dance the night away and have a few drinks!


I would live my life without worry. I would not be concerned about being too low or too high. Did I pack all of the supplies with me to leave home for XXX number of hours? Did I pack a snack?

Waffles sound good. Not sure I would go for them, maybe just a bowl of strawberries sprinkled with sugar. A nice tall glass of real 100% orange juice would be terrific! For me, any liquid form of sugar makes me so sick, I avoid it almost entirely. Maybe when I get my pump in a couple of weeks, I can have a glass (even a small one) now and then. I am about to get my 1st insulin pump ever. Decades of being a diabetic and I am going to be a Pumper! Wish me luck!


I know that I can do the exercise that i like or sports without worrying about lows along the way and eat whatever I want without worrying about how many carbs are in it or fat that may spike my glucose. I'd do the things that i like to do for fun and more.


eat pizza


Ahh, I know exactly what I would do. I would party all night with my friends, drink copious amounts of alcohol and fall asleep without the gripping fear of getting a severe low. Wow, what a dream that would be.


I could have a glass or 2 of wine without going low.
I could indulge in date squares, French pastries, and chocolate caramel cake, and a Pina Colada or 2!
I would walk barefooted in the grass and sand in the Summer.
I could eat a whole muffing without spiking.
I could exercise without dropping like a stone!
I could have pain free fingertips.
Stress would not send my blood sugar crashing.
I wouldn't have to test before driving.
Would not have to test before starting my classes.
Wouldn't have to carry a stash of "stuff" everywhere I go.
We would STILL have to have our tu. group though....but might have to rename it!
How does ExTu sound??


It would be a day free of worrying about hypos sneaking up on me, a day without Skin Tak and "robotics" and needle marks all over my abdomen... A day where long term complications weren't on my mind, where an infusion site malfunction wasn't blowing my A1C, where I wasn't worried about my twin sister in an O.R. somewhere with her diabetes being ignored and blood glucose in the upper 500s... It would be a day where I wasn't sometimes struggling with coping and trying to pretend that diabetes doesn't suck so my friends and family and patients with diabetes don't feel discouraged themselves. It would be a day where I didn't have to think if I didn't want to!


If I could have a diabetes free day? Well, I don't even know what I would do. I know it would involve a tub of Superman Ice Cream, lots of different candies, and lots of food that I have limited myself for the last 9 years.
lol. thats sad. I guess I never took notice to how well I actually eat thanks to my diabetes.


LMAO!! I would deff be doing that as well as eating all the junk I wanted. I am constantly worrying about my sugar crashing when I am drinking.


I would cry. I have not enjoyed a day in my life for the last 6 years!!