February query: What would you do with a diabetes-free day?


Wow… A non-diabetic day… I’m not actually sure. Maybe pull out the pump, grab my wallet an head out for a few cocktails with friends
And a good chinese or pizza sounds good… With treats after it… Thats just maybw one thing i would do?

I cant say theres anything else cause i cant think. Just to have a hug without catching the wire and to sleep without being connected,
Just to be free again.


Well Since I had my 1st 45 yrs Free Days until I got Adult Onset T1?
I wouldn't want just a Free Day..


nothing different with my day except relax and enjoy completely automatic blood sugar control. When I switched to a pump, I was amazed with how fast I got used to not injecting myself (MDI). I suppose I would also get used to not testing in about 4 seconds.



I agree - I think I could forget about diabetes about as quickly as remembering I actually have it.


lol wake up and test and be happy that your sugars are so good!


That's a good one! LOL...


When I first read the email, first thing that came to mind was to "eat cannolis and italian pastries all day"-LOL...Then I read your posts and thought about 2 things: 1) Someone should start a thread on how they manage eating super sweet things like cannolis (I successfully do, not all day of course but sweet treats can be managed fairly easily with insulin when you figure out the exact bolus dose, timing, foods -like fats to eat at same time to balance out and slow down sugar surge, etc.) + Second I thought about how glad I am that I've been off pump for almost 2 years - It wasn't by choice, after 6+ mos. of battles with endo Docs and insurance company (both screwing up everything) to replace my Disetronic pump I had been on for 10+ years, I ended up with a Medtronic pump I hated, and after only 3 days on pump gave up and started on Lantus + Humalog pen which has worked out just as good for me. Some days I may have to take a lot of pen shots (instead of pump boluses), but for me it's better than having that stupid pump hanging on me 24/7 and the very high cost and inconvenience of supplies. If anyone knows of someone who would want to buy the pump, let me know, it's been safely packed away and I just decided I will never try to use it again, which I thought I might if Lantus/Humalog didn't work out. The only drawback is periods of intense activity (I would shut pump off and you can't shut off Lantus) but it works out, especially when I have cannolis nearby:) If I ever need to use a pump again in future for some reason, I would not try to use the Medtronic one I received - Not only did I not like the pump (hated it), despite never having a problem with my Disetronic models) and I found the (Medtronic) company useless, unhelpful, often rude and only concerned about money=No support and too big to care about individual pump users that needed help to learn how to switch to their model. Could have just been bad reps in my area, but either way I would never try that pump/company again. (Wrote details so that someone who only tried Medtronic and it didn't work out would realize it could just have been the model or company -I KNOW MANY are happy with Medtronic, but I'm sure they are others who also had bad experiences like I did, with that company, too). Disetronic was ALWAYS very helpful/supportive, when/if needed, which was why I was able to stay on their pump successfully for 10+ years.


I'm so sorry to hear about your pain - I hear about so many with uncontrolled and unbearable pain these days, both non-diabetics and diabetics, makes me wonder if medical care has really improved over past few decades? Don't give up trying to control the pain - I'm sure a solution is just (after) one more failure away - Years ago I had severe fibromyalgia (months) and wanted to give-up,(Doctors just kept ordering strong medicines I did not want to take), and it may have been a coincidence, but Magnesium Malate supplements cured me. Always worth a try. BTW- Other types of Mg+ (Oxide, Citrate, etc.) did not help. Praying for you, peaceful and productive days.


I would bathe in chocolate and then eat a whole large pizza with regular coke. And then more chocolate. After that I would drink chocolate milk until I puked. And just repeat that all day!




I agree with you. I hate the monitoring and keeping track of every bite I put in my mouth, and of course the finger sticks and pump. I actually eat and live much healthier than I had ever thought I could. It's such a way of life...I don't think I'd like to live the life style I used to....(over 30 yrs ago) I'm better off the way I live now. Eating right and exercising has rewards like keeping the pounds off, and just being healthy in general.


Ya know I never deprive myself of anything. I think with good control, we can all eat whatever we want only in moderation, taking into consideration the amount of carbs and covering them with insulin, why not? Am I missing something here? If we never eat "maple syrup" because of D, ofcourse we will feel deprived. If we have a small amount occasionally...I guess after 30+ years with D, I'm so used to not looking outside the box, I'm just inside and given up.


I would live my life like normal. What else could anybody that isn't allready doing it? My diabetes is apart of like my complexion. I can't wish it away. I rather to learn to live with the reality of my situation and flourish.

I eat waffles and real maple syrup now with out hesitation.


I would make sugar cookies with butter, and then butter frosting and eat them until I was sick.

laugh, cry, laugh - go to dinner and a big bowl of rice or pasta with my favorite sauce.



I'd be a cynical non believer and miss my chance to enjoy a diabetic free day of pigging out on favorite junk foods, cuz I don't dare loosen up that much! LOL


I have celiac as well Johanna, there is a group on here but it is not very active: http://www.tudiabetes.org/group/celiacanddiabetes


First, I would pinch myself to make sure this was really happening. I would then rip out my infusion set and CGM, and hide it somewhere with my meter. Then I would spend the whole day not worrying every minute about what my BS was doing. I have celiac, so my food choices would still be limited, but for me it wouldn't be about the food. I would just feel so happy to be free of the worry and the limitations of BS highs and lows. I would then spend my day doing a bunch of activities I like but rarely do cause they drop me super low. I would def swim, stay in a pool for hours without worrying about getting my pump back on or going low. I would have a few yummy fruity cocktails too, like a mai-tai or strawberry daiquiri. I would also enjoy going on a nice long hike. It would be so nice to get outside without having to carry a crap load of things like my meter, tabs, a snack, etc.

Hopefully, one day there is a cure and this will not be a fantasy but a reality for all of us! : )


I'd be happy to talk to other celiacs on this group -- just don't want to talk to myself!


Suz - I didn't say I didn't eat genuine maple syrup (it's a treat when we are camping)! But the thought of guzzling it really appeals to me without consequences.

I always tell my diabetic and non-D friends that moderation is the key. No one said that you couldn't have this or that, but let's not go overboard. Between my late insulin-dependent parents and me, I feel like I have spent my entire life WATCHING what is eaten.