February query: What would you do with a diabetes-free day?


I'd plan ahead to insure there was a 12- or 24- hour MTB race I could do on the day. And knowing I could do it without having to police my intake/insulin/BGs so g**d***m tightly would just be AWESOME!

That's exactly what I'd do -- I'd ride like the wind for as many hours as I could, pushing myself as hard as I could go with no worries of bonking due to massive sugar blowouts at 3AM in the morning when I was miles out in the woods or the desert (happened...). Those, quite frankly, are a pain in the a$$. *_*

Yeah, that would be hella fun.



Totally Agree!


I would spend the day with my mother. February 29 is her birthday.

Actually, I am going to spend the day with my mother. By the way, she is as diabetic as I am!.


I totally agree!


Yes, I think worry-free and unlimited exercise would be the best thing about it. Skipping meals, too.


Ooooh lovely, fresh cream and strawberries with the waffles. Ditch the pizza and go straight for the desert with lashings of ice cream. Other than that I am with you all the way.


OMG, that sounds like such a good day. I want your day, jrtpup!!


Me too Emily LOL


I think I would have to ask for a week and a day since it would take me that long to believe it and trust it enough to be able to do anything different.
I have been a diabetic for 45 years and I don't think I would know what to do or how to live without the diabetes.
Even when I wear the Continuous Reader I check my sugar 9 times a day. So I guess I'm just much of a worrier to accept it.


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So Alex,
Tell me about Cannolis I ADORE Cannolis . I gave them up with the onset of Diabetes. Wow! please let me know how you do it? Is it possible to plan and eat, just one? I am still not good at varying my diet. I've battled so hard with highs and then very low, lows. I've found the only thing to do is eat the same thing, or nearly the same thing, every day.
I'm going to purchase a Dexcom and I'm holding high hopes that it will help me vary my diet a bit.
If I had a day off from Diabetes I think I'd go have a large pizza and follow with , you guessed it, a couple of connolis, one chocolate the other just regular. Then I'd eat a big raspberry jelly doughnut with one to take home. Or I'd think about going Chinese. Possibly Peking Duck and sesame Caramelized Bananas for desert.


I would get drunk on the overnight fishing trip party boat.


If I had a day free of diabetes. Which would not change my life. I would hope I could pass it on to someone suffering from ALS. Knowing they need it more.