Fedex stalker

Yep, that's me. I'm stalking FedEx to see when my Omnipod will arrive. it's supposed to arrive tomorrow, but last I saw it was in CT. Darn that Frankenstorm.

I hope you East Coaters are all safe and tucked in taking care of each other, well everyone but the folks at FedEx who are in charge of my precious shipment!

Feel free to send some of that moisture out to the west coast, we could sure use it!

I am stalking FedEx to see when my new DEXCOM will arrive. We can stalk together :-). I should check where is it coming from, if east coast - too bad.
Today is the first day of new, Generation 4 DEXCOM being available for shipment. And mine is already on the way! Looking good, I asked for pink;-)

Ohmygosh! A fellow stalker! That makes me sooo happy! Pink sounds good. I know I will have to pick a color for my pdm. I am thinking purple.
OK back to stalking... like staring at the dryer waiting for my son's binkie when he was 4!

Any update on when you are getting your Omnipod?

I was just about to say... I got it yesterday! I'm now 24 hours in! Yesterday was good - I was able to figure out the PMD pretty quickly and felt good all day.

I jsut did my morning bolus and meal about 15 minutes ago. I got a slight "pain" on my arm when the bolus was going in, and I thought I heard a beep, but I checked the PDM and there was no alarm.

I finished eating a few minutes ago and I feel really strange. My BS seems really high.I'm gonna check and see where I am right now. I ate the same thing yesterday morning and felt fine. HMMMMM

How are you doing?

well I am now two weeks in, and saw my endo yesterday. and he made some adjustments, to my dinner carb ratio's so thats ok. still working with my pump coordinator every week I send her a graph of my results, so far so good.

I always get a bit of a burning sensation when I bolus. not big deal, I have read a few other people saying something about it as well.
if your BS is really high,try a bolus correction,and test soon, if your BS does not go down, maybe the cannula fell out from yesterday? rub your pod around the adhesive and smell your hand, does it smell like insulin? if it fell out no alarm would go off. could be stress too??? I went up real high a few days ago becuase I was extreamly stressed out with work.
just some ideas.

Sorry.. I'm at work so checking in here is spotty...
You are right! I'm aware of the bolus going in! It's more of a sting around the cannula than a burn, but def. aware of it! Smart girl!
No smell of insulin around the adhesive. You know what? I think I am maybe adjusting to having my bs lower than usual. My mornings have been so high for so long that I think having my BS lower is also going to be an adjustment.
I've been doing alot of meditation and relaxation stuff to not get whipped up about things, especially right now!
I'm going to try walking a mile or two tomorrow and see how I feel.

Thank you so much for your help! Let's keep in touch!

I got my Dexcom yesterday, charged and inserted at 11pm, had to wait for calibration until 1am.
It has been over a year since I used sensor. It's awesome. I just had 48 bs with zero symptoms, but I KNEW ABOUT IT!!
Every week I drive 5 hours home, this time I just needed a glance at my sensor to see if bs is OK. Great reassurance.
It was worth waiting!

The beep you heard was most probably the signal that the bolus was completed. At least that's what my pods do.

I realized that this morning. I asumed that when the light turned off the bolus was done. I guess I didn't notice the "beep" at all the first day. Silly lady. Thanks everyone!

Biedronk, enjoy your Dexcm!

I am enjoying it. It took me a while to get to the point when I wanted to have one more gadget on my again. I used to be on Minimed sensor and I hated it as much as I needed it. Once done with 30 hrs shifts I dropped sensor in a blink. Now I am rediscovering it again. It's such a blessing to be able just to glance and know. I am impressed how many highs and lows I used to miss with blood sugar checks 5-7/day.