Feeding study showing High Protein can result in remission of diabetes

Nice to see this sort of controlled study and the excellent results.


Low carb improves everything. Always has. The contrary belief is a brick in the “traditional wisdom” that needs to be removed. Talk about an uphill battle . . . sigh


This one said that high protein didn’t reduce insulin resistance

High-protein diet curbs metabolic benefits of weight loss

Dieters sometimes consume extra protein to stave off hunger and prevent loss of muscle tissue that often comes with weight loss. But in a study of 34 postmenopausal women with obesity, researchers found that eating too much protein eliminates an important health benefit of weight loss: improvement in insulin sensitivity, which is critical to lowering diabetes risk.

Well, as Brian says, LCHF makes everything better. Ten years in following Bernstein with an A1c of 5.1—It’s been between 4.9 and 5.5 for all ten years. And I am still controlling with diet and exercise only–even as I have to adapt my exercise due to health issues. It has also lessened the frequency of bad fibromyalgia episodes and eased my arthritis somewhat…And I eat like royalty…

It is, indeed, helpful to see some studies, but I seldom put much faith in them…Blessings…

PS----Once a diabetic, always a diabetic. I don’t believe I am in remission. I just have decent control—so far…

So how do we define too much. Certainly too little protein can result in muscle loss… too much may have less positive effecdt… but there must be a level that prevents muscle loss, and doesn’t impact on insulin resistance.


Just want to know if all this has been studied in mice.

Diabetic mice are eager to know. Especially the wild, non-lab ones (as we established in another discussion, diabetes has been cured – several times – in lab mice, thanks to a massive funding and research effort over the last several decades to cure diabetes in laboratory mice).


To infer too much from those studies would be a serious micestake.


Medical science has had much success in making mice diabetic and then curing them… happy future for every mouse (That is not culled for lab research)!