Feeling a bit down - Ranting

First off I have been a diabetic for less than a year so I feel like everything is going to just get worse. I had 2 waffles and 3 eggs for breakfast. I bolused extra insulin since I know waffles make me rise. 90 mins later I am at 240 and feeling down about it. I haven't hit 200 in weeks. Then my dr tells me to start taking blood pressure medication 2.5mg of ramipril since my 24 hour urine is 90 for microalbumin. And then he says to limit my protein intake to about 60gbecause of my kidneys and my weight (being thin). I can't have carbs, I can't have protein what the heck? What are things going to be like in 10 years. I feel hopeless at times that I am kind of a broken man essentially just counting down the years until I have serious kidney/eye/heart problems. Then he starts saying other numbers are high and I don't even know what he is talking about.

BUN - 27 mg/dl

Albumin 5.0 g/dl

Creatinine - 1.9 g/24h

Creat Clearance - 125 ml/min

sorry rich for your troubles you are learning how to deal w/ it and it takes a while (and even then there days where it just sucks) but you are making progress to control this AND live your life. don’t beat yourself up about 1 bad reading it happens and you deal. the protien thing you will figure out

Well, as for the Food issue? You now know it’s best NOT to be eating Pancakes, Waffels, etc… They are like having Bakery goods… Starch, etc… and For me? If I do have them ( on speical occasions)? I have to take 2 shots… The Primary before eating and another about 1 hr later…and even then, it;s a crap shoot…

I would suggest you get the books… that will explain a lot and give you alot more control over this…

Think LIke a Pancrease

And Using Insulin

and It’s standard to be taking BP and Cholesterol Meds …

and add Vit D… That is ask that It be tested in your next Blood Test… Very common we have lower levels of that as well…

Don’t feel hopeless, there’s always hope! :smiley:

I’ve been diagnosed for a little over a year so I know how it feels very overwhelming at times (the countdown that you mentioned). Venting here, or going to see a therapist like I did can help a lot. You are NOT a broken man. You just had a few extra curve balls thrown your way.

As for diet, have you seen a dietician? It seems that with your other problems that would be very helpful instead of having to figure all of it out on your own day by day. I wish you the best of luck!

Hello Rich:

Been diabetic forty plus times longer than you have. We are all in this bloody boat.

Diabetes is “Damage Control 101”, for the rest of our existance. A ancient wooden ship, with sails. The trick is putting out the sparks, and tiny flames in front of us, before they grow, engulf us alive. You cannot worry about what MIGHT be! Deal with the now, the here…

The future is too far away. Right now is easier