Feeling a little goofy!

I was chatting with Kerri a few moments ago. I have officially decided to not listen to or watch any news any time soon: it’s depressing!

What’s more: I am going to get into a goofy mode, while the Dow Jones jumps up and down and all the indexes in the world head south.

I have started by adopting “The Optimistic Hamster” as my icon here. :slight_smile:

There! I feel better now. :smiley:

There he is! The Optimistic Hamster! He helps. :slight_smile:

Update: after some confusion over whether TuDiabetes was started by a hamster, I have reverted to a human photo! :slight_smile:

I am still confused. Did the hamster magically transform to Manny Hernandez? (Blue Insulin Power, Make UP!)

ha ha ha!!!

Cheer up Manny,just relax and enjoy the company of your lovely wife and son.Things always get better…


Indeed, Debb… :slight_smile:

That Hamster has had a lot of mileage!!! Hey Debb…good advice about spotting the snaffoos on the news broadcasts…something like “The Emperor’s New Clothes”???