Feeling disappointed

I’m feeling quite disappointed… It been 3 days since I set up th twitter account to try and help other teens and have felt beyond let down since! I gave up some of my own time to try help others and they don’t appreciate it! It makes me feel useless! Please take a few moments to follow me on twitter (not my personal account as I want to keep my identity anonymous) but follow me @diabetic_dolly or if you want to just ask questions in general then you can privately email me on dailydiabeticdolly@gmail.com xxx

Don't give up, it takes time to get these things started.

You might try tweeting some things that give teens an idea of what they can expect if they follow you. I think having some activity on your account will help.

Sara (or would you rather be called Sara Louise?) You also need to follow people on Twitter and retweet (RT) things they say that you agree with. Please follow

@diabeteshf the TuDiabetes account (note, it's NOT @TuDiabetes)
@askmanny - our founder and president. he is a GREAT example of how to use Twitter

look at who Manny and DHF follow, and check them out and follow them if you like what they are tweeting.

and yes, it does take time.

I agree with Marie. I have sort of laid off twitter b/c it's a huge timesink and I think that 90%+ of diabetes problems need way more than 140 characters. Another good way to get yourself out is to find a group chat on Twitter. There's #DSMA (diabetes social media advocates....) at 900 PM EDT in the US every Wednesday and I think there's a UK equivalent too and maybe other groups you can hang out with. you can meet a bunch of people quickly and chat about things for an hour. Then, your suggested followers or followees or whatever will extend to more dpeople, etc. etc.