Feeling Good - Learning is helping

I have been feeling good the past week and trends in my BG have been much better.

Still getting Highs and Low warnings from the CGM at inappropriate times :

Low Prediction Alarm in middle of Night - Cannot figure out why as overall my night trends are flat. Went to bed with a 111 and alarm set at 2:30am at 82. had some juice and woke up at 6AM at 103.

High over 250 just before bed. I blame this on me. I must have used my old Calculus knowledge ( I failed 2x) to get the carbs for dinner.

I have noticed that my highs after meals tend to be 1.5-2 hrs after the meal for what ever reason so I have to be calm and watch if the high drops. Seem to happen a lot at 4 hrs back close to normal.

Hope everyone else gets to have Good Days Too.

You shouldn’t be too excited unless you’re staying elevated more than 2 hours after eating. At 2 hours is a good time to check. A rise to nearly 200 isn’t unusual depending upon the carb content. The real issue comes if you stay elevated longer than 2 hours after the meal.

That’s when highs tend to occur. If you’re really high consistenty with the right insulin:carb ratio, you can also try bolusing earlier to head off the spike. The 15-20 minutes ahead of eating is just a general guideline. With fast acting carbs, you may need to bolus earlier.