Feeling like crap

Well I woke up this morning with a high blood sugar, sweating bad and a sore throat. At first I just thought the high blood sugar was a fluke. I thought the sore throat was just a dry sore throat. After two huge glasses of ice cold water it was still hurting bad. I couldn’t swallow without pain and it felt raw. I checked my temp and it was 100.1. I was like oh great. So I paged Dr. A and he met me in his office on a Sunday instead of having me go to e.r. or walk in clinic. Even after taking Motrin my temp was over 100 when I got to his office. He took one look at my throat and did a strep test. Came back positive for strep. He put me on antibiotics, cough syrup and pain medication as it hurt so bad to swallow I wasn’t eating or wanting to take any of my medications. All I feel like doing is sleeping right now which is putting me behind on my homework. Have I ever said how much having diabetes sucks when you get sick along with it.

Oh year. Have “regular people” sickness on top of db is the absolute pits…

I hope you feel better:)

This sucks! I recently wrote a blog post about the vicious cycle of controlling your blood sugar and fighting an infection with a fever.

I hope that you are able to rest 100% that makes the biggest difference. Get lots of sleep and tea too :slight_smile:

Thankfully after the high this morning it hasn’t been to bad. I am checking often, and forcing myself to drink even though it hurts because with the temp and high blood sugars I am just asking for dehydration. I am checking my sugar like every 1-2 hours. Thankfully I have been under 200 most of the day, but I am running higher than normal. High blood sugars for me is the first sign I am getting sick and the first question Dr. A asks me is are you sick if I page him with a high sugar.

Well the hospitals in my town and I don’t get along. One let me go in a coma from a low blood sugar cause they refused to listen to me and one let me quit breathing after surgery. My doctor has actually sued one of the hospitals and has had a few meetings with the staff about how they have treated me. As long as I don’t page him late at night he will pretty much meet me in his office on weekends if it isn’t a major emergency like chest pains. He was meeting another patient in his office as well yesterday. I am lucky to have found him as a doctor.