Feeling like on a roller coaster-advise requested

So this is new for me…so her is the situation

b4 breakfst 113, breakfast 40carb, bolused 4–ususally will put me at 120 or below in 2 hours…this morning 194…I correction bolus1 should bring me down 50…I drop 80 so b4 lunch I am 101, 40 carb lunch bolus 4 2 hours later 169, correction bolus .5, 2 hours later179, correction bolus .8, hour later I am still at 170.

So figuring my site is having an issue…will change it out in a bit…shouldI treat this high with a shot…guessing prob. Should take site out first…put new one in first? questions I never thoguht about b4, cause it never happened before…170 not soooo bad…but not felt this bad (except the lows that have surprised me as I don’t feel them)…since I started on the pump. :frowning:

I guess one can still be a noobie after 6 months…

So disconected the site, dialed up a bolus of 4…wa la insulin flows…
Give myself a sho for dinner bolus119 b4 dinner, 45 carbs for dinner, bolus 4…and wa lsa BG 115 2 hours after dinner.

The cannula was no bent, site not red or anything…but obviously something was not working. First shot I have had to do since stating the pump…really don’t miss them, and it is confirmed I am still a needle phobe.

Do you know that food high in fat will make it seem like you had very little insulin? That is a good time for dual wave.

That might have been the prob…was traveling and was supposed to be “healthy turkey saus” with my eggs…but maybe more fat than I normally have at home…have never done a dual wave…will have to remember that next time…thanks!