Feeling lousy tonight

Allergies, blood levels? I ache all over?

Aching all over sounds like an infection, such as influenza. Keep checking your blood sugars as I expect you know blood sugars can rocket with an infection, even with an infected cut! I hope you will feel better soon. I know how it feels. And keep drinking fluids!

I had a series of infections last year that sent my bgs to 200+, nothing I did brought them down. The best thing to do is to get better quickly so bgs can return to normal.

Sounds like when it rains…it pours.
Your allergens environmental? Like dust, heat, pollen (it is spring…) ? or food related? I have bad allergies with dust and extreme heat and makes my bg levels go haywire.
Hope you will feel better soon.

my husband is type 2 and the trees are driving him crazy right now. the pollen has been bad. he’s taking benadryl. I don’t think it’s messed up his bgs.

Thank you for all of your responses.
I went to sleep early, woke up during the night w/ sinus drips and such. I’m feeling a bit better this morning, but tired. BG appears to be lower than last night, but allergies are playing war inside my body. Thanks all.

All of the weather forecasters are saying that this is a terrible year for allergies. That can cause you to feel really lousy. Try taking an anticongestant, but check the side effects regarding Diabetes. Or ask your pharmacist what he would recommend.