Feeling of need

After my latest visit with the VA Medical center, I now realize that I need the support of Tudiabetes way more than you need me. After a 1 year hiatus, I am back with full force.

Welcome back - and we all need each other!

Welcome back, and ditto to what Zoe said!

Welcome back. Just yesterday I was thinking about members who had not visited for a while and hoped that if ever tuD could help they would return. While getting good healthcare providers and the proper medications can certainly help us, we also need to keep our heads on straight. I think sometimes my diabetes is a mental condition. I think that is why support from places like tuD is really important. I hope we can help you.

ps. You have already helped this community. Sometimes we help ourselves by helping others.

I wouldn't say that "we" (the community...) don't need you less than you'd need us! It's great to have people come by, whether you're old, new, haven't been here for a while or whatever. Without members, it wouldn't be the site that it is!

I want to second what Acidrock said. This community needs it's members as much as it's members need it. The diversity brought by all our members is what keeps things interesting.

Welcome back!


I recall you , Jeffrey , welcoming the newbies ..time to turn that around : Welcome :)