Feeling Shaky and I made a bad choice... suggestions?Please?

Ok… I think I really messed up today.
I’m currently taking one shot of Byetta morning and evening.
This morning I had my shot and ate 4 ounce flavored yogurt.
(like around 11 am. I slept in and tested at 129 took a “hot” shower and then tested to eat.ugh!!! 161 Horrible number.)
Anyway, I wasnt paying attention to what time it was. So around 3pm I felt shaky. I was cutting apple slices for the kids and brought out the peanutbutter for dipping. sigh…My downfall! I had 3 slices of apple w/peanutbutter and then decided to have 1 slice of bread /w peanutbutter.
The shaky feeling totally left. But the bloodsugar number has skyrocketed! 178! I’ve only been on Byetta for 3 days and so far have not seen the kind of numbers that I’ve seen today! I’m shocked!
Now, I’m thinking a little about dinner,my daughter’s 8th bday tonight and I wont be eating any cheesecake.(her choice of cake,)

1.) Why in the world is it that if I take a really hot shower; my numbers go so high?
I wont be snacking with the kids anymore. sigh…
2.) What should I do when I feel so shaky? ( I did test… I was 86.)
Thanks ahead for your suggestions.
P.S. I just tested again! I’m 123! Is this a trip or what? What should I expect from Byetta?