Feet Don't Fail Me Now!

OK all you creative people out there. Help!

I’ve been trying to increase my exercise and have started adding on time on a stationary bike. As I’m pedaling away, because of my neuropathy, my foot slips off! Its really driving me nuts. Its a simple flat pedal and short of duct taping my feet to my bike . . . I was thinking of trying to rig some sort of strap that would go over the top.

Anybody have any ideas of how to solve this. I tried making a lip on the edge of the pedal but it just doesn’t hold – I even tried a C clamp. If there is a way to solve this I’m all ears and thank you! Its probably something simple I can do . . .

Can you get some sort of toe clips, like on a racing bike? I was sort of averse to using them on a bike as I figured I’d fall off but they are actually pretty handy. They also engage your stroke on propelling yourself on both the downstroke and the upstroke, so you can work out more efficiently, whatever your goal is?

I would recommend toe clips/cages, or something like a power grip strap (http://bicycling.about.com/od/equipmentreviews/fr/power_grips.htm) if your pedals are compatible with them.

If you can change the pedals out completely, getting SPD pedals and shoes would be the next obvious step.

The toe clips are recommended. Get the old style sometimes referred to as “rat trap” which entail a metal toe box and a strap threaded through the pedal. I never cinched them up tightly so I could slip my shoes in and out readily. Was able to ride to work for several years in varied terrain. Don’t let a bike shop conn you into bike shoes andclip type pedals which are an expense which is not needed,. Good luck.,

Awesome - I’ve got some things I can check into now. I had no idea they sold things like toe clips.

thanks!!! I’m so relieved I can put the duct tape away! lol