Feet-What do we look for?

I know there is already a thread about neuropathy feet, but I started a new one because I don't think that's what I'm experiencing and just want to make sure.

My understanding of our feet problems is that it isn't that we are more subject to sores or whatever than anyone else, but that we develop neuropathy where are nerves stop sensing pain and so we get cuts or whatever, don't realize it and it gets much worse. Is that correct?

I also think the symptoms of neuropathy in the feet is tingling, numbness and pain?

What I have is weird but I'm guessing not diabetes related. I have these two tiny tiny spots on one foot that look and feel like little calluses (sp?). They are barely visible, but when I press down I feel a hard round little knot under the skin. I wouldn't say it hurts but sometimes I can feel it when I walk. Anything to worry about?

You may want to look up plantar warts and see if that fits your symptoms.



A few things I do is use moisturizer every night to keep the bottoms of my feet moist. One of the problems diabetics have is dryness on the feet and on the heels. The more dryness there is the more chance of a good crack, bleeding, infection and so on.

I had pain in some of my toes but some that has subsided after better sugar control. It is my understanding that good sugar control and you can reverse some of the damage but it is slow in healing.

I have in-grown toenails so I go to the podiatrist every 2-4 months for trimming and inspection. Any sores that you have on your feet I would have checked by the podiatrist if you have concerns. You may have nothing diabetic related but getting on track with a good podiatrist is a good thing for your overall foot care. Have you had an exam by a podiatrist?

I have posted before about nail fungus and am dealing with that. That is going so so. The podiatrist told me about 60% of the population over age 55 has some sort of nail fungus on one of their toes.


Hmmm…plantar warts may be exactly what it is, thanks!