You know you never even think about them normally. They just get you from A to B. My feet in the last week have been getting on my case. I was hoping that once I get better control, the neuropathy would ease up a little. Its just getting frustrating again. I know, it was a consequence, but still. I just feel like whining about my feet. Its like the glasses. I’d like a day where I can wake up and not have to find my glasses before I can see. I’d like to take a step and not feel numb feet!

Off the soap box :slight_smile:

Well Scott, please dont get off that soap box so quickly. There will be a day coming soon that we all dont have to worry about any illnesses. I can feel about the neuropathy with you, I just had a hammer toe straightened out on the 25th of last month and am looking for the other toe with more things wrong. But as I said before that there will be that day of no problems.

Off my own big soap box ;+)(