being diabetic, i am a freak about my feet, sometimes. I have diabetic neuropathy and fibromyalgia, just a few minutes ago, a 5 year old stepped on my toes. i screamed loud and scared him, it hurt so bad. it still hurts. My whole leg is numb and hurts.

has this ever happed to you?

i have neuropathy also and it’s hard for my younger siblings to get that when you barely touch one of my feet it hurts quite out of proportion to the action. I feel for ya :slight_smile:

I bump my knee or shin and it feels like I’m going to pass out.

I love these guys for their diabetes info.
Check out their chat on feet.

On this week’s show, Chris, Theresa, and Chris get the low-down on your “tootsies”. Dr. Bowen is a Podiatrist, who has extensive training and experience with the special needs of diabetic foot care. He earned his degree from The University of Utah, and is a graduate of The California College of Podiatric Medicine. Dr. Bowen resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he has a thriving practice, with a strong commitment to the diabetic community.

Worldwide, every 30 seconds, someone loses a limb to Diabetes.
In the U. S., 224 people lose a limb every day.
Diabetes is the # 1 cause of lower limb amputation.
This week, we welcome Special Guest,
Ed Sisson, CPO, MBA.
Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist.