Femoral Neuropathy

Two months ago I started having problems with bad pain in my quads making simple walking a challenge. Since I have been dx’d with RA I figured the pain was connected with it some how. So I done some research with what little info I had and got some knee braces to help support my knees, the braces did help out with the pain and even with continuing to ride my bicycle for exercise my quads had continued to get weaker and much more painful when I wasn’t wearing the knee braces.I got informed yesterday I have Femoral Neuropathy which I can say is cramping my lifestyle a bit. I was told that I would have to continue to use the knee braces to help support my legs and knees to keep them from folding up on me and to not go anyway without a cane. Which I had been already using for awhile. So far the treatment has been NSAIDs and continue riding my bicycle to try and build the quad muscles back up. The doctor said it a kind of wait and see thing on how the NSAIDs will help along with the braces and keeping a tight watch on my BS.