Fertility Monitors

Any of you have experience and/or success using a fertility monitor like Clear Blue? They are a little expensive, but my husband and I are not kidding around about trying to have a baby, because I am 38 and the clock is ticking.

I’ve had some fertility testing already, and everything seems to be in working order both physically and hormonally. The reviews are fairly positive online, but thought I’d check with some fellow diabetics about their experiences.


We just started using ours again - and we are about to seriously start trying again. If the monitor is correct, I have learned that I am ovulating late at around day 26 or so, and my cycles last 31 days or so - don’t know how accurate it is - we will TTC with it’s information and if no luck in several months, we will go to a fertility specialist.

I’m curious about this too. This will be my second cycle using the Clear Blue digital ovulation tests (which are different and not as expensive). Obviously we didn’t get pregnant the first cycle we used them, but they did give us good info about when I was about to ovulate, which I had been having a hard time predicting using charting alone (basal temps and cervical fluid). I’d be willing to try the more expensive option if it seemed much more helpful. Anyone have experience with both?