FIASP for Insulin Pumps


I got two vials, so this should be enough to potentially see if fiasp will be a fit for me.
I changed my set last night before dinner to fiasp.
Chose a spot on my upper abdomen that rarely has issues, and usually has better absorption.
I didn’t have many carbs for dinner, mainly protein and fat (meat and cheese.) So I ran high overnight. No surprise for this, especially with me not knowing how my overnight basals would be.
I ran higher than I though I should though. 6am I was still over 150. I corrected for this.
Morning meal was the same as I usually do, and know how to dose for. I was around 140 before meal, I pre-bolused (had someone walk in, so about 20 minutes), and even with the insulin in my system I still hit 178.
I am just now getting down around 130. Which seems like I should be lower with the amount of prebolus time I had, plus the correction from earlier.


I will be very interested in your feedback.

Many of the online reviews which I have read seem to miss the obvious question of how Fiasp is different from Novolog.

(Certainly I can read the marketing material from Novo Nordisk but let’s say for the sake of argument that I do not always believe everything I read that comes out of a marketing department.)


So far, pretty good.
Definitely makes a big difference in meal time spikes.
I shortened my time to 3.5 hours. Otherwise I haven’t changed any other setting on my pump.
I will say that it doesn’t work as drastically for corrections as it does for meal time boluses.


Lunch was deep fried(breaded of course) chicken strips.
Breakfast was a large bacon, egg and cheese breakfast burrito.
And I dosed as I sat down to eat. So no pre-bolus needed.


Have you tried correcting a high BG with an intra-muscular Fiasp shot yet?


I have not IM yet. Just spots I know are good with my pump. It does sting a little, more on larger doses. Imagine IM would sting more?


Terry, have you? How was it? Immediate onset? Do you use the same ISF for IM correction?


I’ve never used Fiasp but I do IM corrections with Apidra and it does seem to shorten onset and peak times. I find it an effective technique and I use once or twice per week. I do use the same ISF as other corrections.


Where do you inject the IM? Arms?


I inject at the top of the arm into the deltoid muscle.


Terry - How do you inject deep enough for IM? Are you using syringes with needles longer than insulin syringes?


I use the 12.7 mm (1/2 inch) 30 gauge insulin syringe. Dr. Bernstein explains that this depth will only just reach the muscle and the needle must penetrate at 90 degrees. Bersnstein also says it will not work if you have “fat” arms. More usual IM needle lengths are 1 - 1.5 inches long. I do observe faster insulin action when I do this so I assume I’m hitting muscle.

Here’s a Bernstein video talking about and demonstrating an IM shot.


IM seems to be 1 to 1 1/2" needle, depending on individual. So at 1/2’, the faster absorption might be due to getting closer to muscle and it’s more plentiful blood supply.

My infusion sets have the 6 mm canulas, so a 9 mm canula might speed up absorption with Novolog. That might risk true IM and absoprtion that is too fast, leading to hypo episodes. Something to add for discussion at my next endo appointment.

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