FIASP for Insulin Pumps


Where were you able to buy it without a Rx?


All insulins can be purchased over the counter in Canada.


I bought at a 24 hour Shoppers Drug Mart. FIASP was a special order needing about 3 days advance notice to bring in from central stock, which was easily arranged via email. And the pharmacy alerted their personnel of the special order so the evening person knew exactly where the order was.


I had seen one online pharmacy in Canada that shipped to the US, but they required an Rx. I didn’t look that hard to find one that didn’t, but maybe I should. I would love to try it.


Online might be a different story, the online pharmacies I’ve seen that sell to Americans sell at higher prices than we pay over the counter here and probably have stricter rules. If you go to you can at least see what we pay for insulin to determine if you’re getting gouged by the other online pharmacies or not. I don’t think they will ship outside of Canada though.


I crossed over into Ontario and picked mine up in person and so didn’t need an Rx.


For you that have been on FIASP for a while, are you starting to notice any change in how long it takes to work? I ask, because I remember when I first went on Humalog (mid-90’s, if I recall correctly, still on MDI – I’d been waiting for faster-acting to come out before I started pumping), I was amazed at how quickly it worked. I could bolus for a bowl of cheerios and milk (imagine eating such a high carb breakfast!) and not have much of a spike, at least none caught with non-continuous monitoring .

Within probably a year, the speed that the Humalog worked had been much reduced, and changing to Novolog worked about the same. It being still pre-CGM, I didn’t have a really good idea of the tail, but I certainly have something of a tail at 6-7 hours after a large bolus, maybe longer, sometimes. (I still use a 4 hours on my MM530, because that gives me an appropriate estimate for most of my boluses, with their formula, just try to remember and adapt if I’ve taken a large bolus). Apidra worked slightly quicker, at first, and I did use it to bring down highs for a while, by injection, while still pumping with Humalog.

I’ve been on insulin over 63 years, and did, about 20 years ago, have what were diagnosed as allergic reactions to it, for awhile – perhaps this tendency is involved in the above reaction. But, I wondered if others had once reacted this way to Humalog and Novolog, and whether those people will find the same reaction with Fiasp eventually. Or, not <gr.>, I hope.


Ah OK makes sense. I thought people were talking about the online places. I do know that they will ship it, but I think you have to have a prescription to have it shipped so that the US government doesn’t get mad, and so the pharmaceutical companies don’t get mad because you cheap butt is trying to cut into their profits.