Fiasp with Omnipod

I got an email today from Insulet touting a partnership between Omnipod and Fiasp. I have been intrigued by Fiasp, as it claims to be rapid acting, and boluses can be taken at the start of a meal and up to 20 minutes after starting a meal. I have seen mixed reviews of Fiasp but not a lot recently. I was wondering if anyone here has experience with Fiasp and Omnipod, in particular, or just some thoughts on Fiasp. Is it what it claims, or is it just hype?

For me Fiasp worked really well with MDI and was a complete disaster in my Omnipod. There seemed to be some max IOB threshold where if basal + bolus was more than that it was as useful as pumping water.


I got the same email as well but I’m looping and don’t want to have to re-adjust everything. I do use fiasp PENS though for bolusing to make the Omnipods last longer though, and they work great.

I use Fiasp and Omnipod and have no issues. I always prebolus no matter what insulin I use. With Fiasp I bolus anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes before a meal. “Duration of insulin” for Fiasp is for me 5,5 hours.