Fibromyalgia as a Very Chronic Condition

One of many, many clues that one's fibromyalgia is going through a bad phase, is the desire to withdraw. To be quiet and minimize interactions to Safe Spaces: for me it is acupuncture, the garden, walks to give my neighborhood furry friends their treats. No crowds. No interactions that are potentially overwhelming of the hyper-sensitive senses. That's my now. Quiet. Separation.

Much of the time it is invisible. That is exactly why we become depressed and gradually withdraw. Just like all the "crap" we take as diabetics.

Invisible chronic illnesses just plain are no fun.....Blessings...Judith in Portland

Glad to see you posted here as well besides FB ...Thanks Judith may get some uplifting comments !! Hugs..

Big gentle hugs my friend. I'm hope there are flowers on your path!