my blood sugar is 50. i treated and im just sitting here feelin fifty and typing. took too much insulin.

i have a theory that low blood sugars kill brain cells over time. just thought i’d letcha know.

lol!!! Are you sure you not feeling low because the CELTIC’s Beat the LAKER’s BUTT! lol, just kidding I hope you feel better

:slight_smile: back to normal of course. just had to stay occupied so not to overtreat. it worked and im glad. thanks.

don’t die! Your posts crack me up and keep me going throughout the day!

Hey! Hope your feeling better. Was in 60s twice today. Got a really bad headache right now. Take care just remember your not alone.diabeticidol94

I totally feel the same sometimes Dino. Feel like I’ve also lost some brain cells already! Funny you say that.

Hey man low blood sugars can kill brain cells slowly overtime. Whats worse is having a low blood sugar of lets say around 30-40’s then slamming some sugar and having your blood sugar scream up to like 150’s and above. This puts a ton of stress on the brain in general and nerve cells in particular through oxidative damage. When sugars are low the flood gates are open for the brain to get sugar so when the sugar is around there’s no way for the brain to slow down the sweet onslaught and sugars flood through the open gates. Lost a ton of brain cells during college myself, can’t say it was from the hypos though…