Fifty50 medical

I bet a lot of people here knows about fifty50, well, i received my reservoirs today, which uses a luer lock and that it can be used with the paradigm pumps from minimed. at the same time i also received my first box of the cleo infusion sets which of course has the luer lock system which im excited to use with my minimed pump. anyways, i was wondering all this time why such company is called fifty50.? but now, i found out upon reading and trying to get familiarize with this stuffs that the reason for this is because half of their profit will go to diabetes research until a cure is found. i was amazed! they even said that theyre hoping to find something to put them out of business…! isnt it wonderful to know that there is a company who strive to find a cure for diabetes? i just thought i wanna share this with y’all…

I didn’t know that Marvin. That is fantastic! thanks for tellinjg us.