Figuring out Medicare

Can anyone give me a hint on how to maneuver Medicare in order to get test strips covered? I was forcible switched to Medicare and moved to a secondary status with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (which used to cover everything I needed to manage my Type 1 with insulin pump and CGM. Now I'm told Medicare doesn't cover test strips at all (or at least Liberty Medical can no longer send them to me). There must be some way. Will anyone share the secret?

Medicare does cover some diabetic supplies under Part B but mail order suppliers were placed on a competitive bidding program to reduce costs (Liberty didn’t make the competitive bidding cut). The following excerpt is from Medicare’s site:
“No matter where you live, you’ll need to use a Medicare national mail-order contract supplier for Medicare to pay for diabetic testing supplies that are delivered to your home. If you don’t want diabetic testing supplies delivered to your home, you can go to any local store (local pharmacy or storefront supplier) that’s enrolled with Medicare and buy them there. The National Mail-Order Program doesn't require you to change your testing monitor. If you're happy with your current monitor, look for a mail-order contract supplier or local store that can provide the supplies you need.”

The following link will provide you with a search on the Medicare site to find a mail order supplier that has a contractual relationship under their competitive bidding program:

Thanks ever so much for the help. I have searched all over the Medicare website and didn't come close to finding this. You've been a real help today.

Assuming you are on a pump, CVS has a nice local pharmacy option (I assume Walgreen does as well) for test strips. I just called my pharmacy and they got it figured out for me. I have not used the national mail order center for medicare.

Thanks to you, too. My Part D Medicare cover my other "drugs" at my local grocery store pharmacy (an HEB if you know Texas), so that's probably also an option. It's a shame it's so tough to get straight answers from Medicare and previous providers...

Wait a minute: I was told that damn liberty medical had filed for bankruptcy;
what am i missing?