Filling a reservoir for a pump

hey everybody. i have a minimed pump and occasionally when I draw up a new reservoir the plunger will suddenly go back up while it is attachted to the insulin bottle, pushing the insulin back into the bottle and making it really hard to finish drawing up a new reservoir. I was hoping somebody would know why this is and how to prevent it.
thank you,
Lyla Hunt

Have you pushed air into the insulin bottle before drawing the insulin into the reservoir? Sometimes, the lower air pressure of the insulin bottle will draw the insulin back in.

I noticed this happened to me when I was using a brand new bottle of insulin. I assumed it was because there wasn’t really enough room in the bottle for more air or something, but I really don’t know why it happens or how to prevent it.

I am on the MM 722 Paradiam…When you get the blue cap connected to the resevoir on to your insulin bottle, be sure to pull the PLUNGER way down to the end to #3 or so…if I don’t do that right after I get the blue cap (or whatever it’s called) on the insulin bottle…I find that I have screwed up…and have to start with a NEW resevoir…$$$$. After I pull the plunger way down, then I can push air into the insulin bottle, and draw down the insulin to fill the resevoir…and then I can proceed with the rest. If I don’t get that plunger way down, things don’t work right …right from the start.