Filling cannula

To fill the cannula the procedure is to do a standard bolus for the amount needed. Since this is recorded as a bolus, if I need to have another bolus for a meal and/or correction and it is within the time parameters, the cannula amount is deducted from the bolus calculated amount. I know the bolus amount can be changed to add the fill cannula deduction but that is a step that should not be needed. With my previous pump, filling the cannula was a separate operation and not connected to the bolus calculations.

Has anyone found a better way to handle this?

Thank you.

The short answer is no. Of course, I haven't used a bolus calculator except long enough to figure out it doesn't work for me ... maybe one day!

Now that I have had my Combo pump for a few days, I have figured out how to do this.

Place the pump in "STOP", then press the menu button until you get to "Prime Infusion Set". The really important step is the next one - press the check key when you have put in enough insulin to fill the cannula. For me, that would be 0.7 units. Place the pump back in RUN mode.

That's how I thought it could be done but its a bit risky isn't it? You could easily over bolus if you didn't press stop in time!

This is beyond risky... if you dont press stop, you could get a prime volume's worth of insulin. This is why you are instructed to NOT do it this way.. The half-to 1 unit errata due to a fill really isnt going to throw your reports off by that much, you already have meter errata anyways... Though ideally this would be tracked separately..I partly wonder if its a patent issue on the fill..

Actually the bolus calculator on the combo is a lot smarter than the original Palm PDA... also have you played with the percentage increase slots that the combo offers while calculating your bolus? Im betting you need to tweak this as well as the settings for the calculator since it does NOT use a linear insulin action curve like many pumps..

Hi all, it’s Rob from Roche Diabetes Care. The Accu-Chek Combo manual instructs users to fill the empty cannula with a standard bolus. Mike, while your suggestion will work, Dee and Jake are exactly correct that it is very easy to over-bolus with that approach. Our customer care is available 24/7/365 at 1-800-688-4578 if you ever have questions or want to discuss. They’re there to help! Keep me posted and let me know if there’s anything else I can do to assist. Thanks! – Rob


Well IMO this is just another example of FDA-driven over-cautionary rediculousness, fueled by an overly litigious society, and common sense being thrown out of the window. All to the detriment of intelligent PWDs.

Could it be any easier? Start the priming, watch the pump screen with your thumb hovering over the check button, when it gets to 0.7, push the button. DONE! Place the pump back into RUN.

To rant a bit here ... if you can't handle this what are you doing when you change your infusion set to begin with? Driving? Texting? Texting while driving while changing your infusion set?

Yes, it is a BIT risky, but not a LOT! Pay attention and press the check button.

Have you played with a Tslim lately? Frankly it makes the Accuchek restrictions seem downright minor in comparison with the number of confirmations required to do something as simple as cancel a multiwave/dual wave bolus...Yes some of this is due to the FDA, some is due to excessive patents on things in the industry..

It has to stop.. but this is one of the things you really shouldn't blame the consumer for.. Have a prediction however.. It might be worth your time to suggest things like that directly to AC.. Have a gut feeling it could be something added in a revision somehow.. I thought it was a slight oversight myself

There is a lot of litigation in med devices.. and its an issue that has to be addressed on the side of caution.. but theres a level where caution seriously impedes on convienence..

As I go along and discover new cool and not so cool things about the Combo System, I have been making my views known to Accu-Chek. FWIW, I have had three separate calls with someone who follows up on my concerns. So it does seem that they are open to receiving feedback.

Rob Muller has also graciously asked if he could share my TuDiabetes posts with the product development folks - to which I whole-heartedly agreed.

As I have thought about filling the canula more, I remain convinced that Accu-Chek could have designed another set of prompts on either the pump or the meter. for priming specific infusion sets.