Finally a Useful Upgrade

I just received the new Minimed pump. It now asks stupid questions to remind me to do things I instinctively do because I have been pumping so long. After I prime the tubing, it asks me, "Do you see drops at the end of the tubing?"
I usually yell at it, "You think I would have stopped priming if I didn't?"
I wish I knew how to hack into its software and program it to ask more relevant and helpful questions. Maybe questions Stewart Smalley would have been proud of.
"Did you know you are a really good athlete?"
"Did you know that book you're writing is going to be read and loved by millions?"
Or maybe it could just make statements.
"You deserve a vacation today. Take the day off and don't even think about feeling guilty for it."
"All the work you do to take care of your diabetes everyday is paying off. You are a better person for it and will live a long and complication free life."
Now that would be an upgrade I would pay for.

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I thought the samething when I got my new Revel back in August! It took the MM rep to get me to quit yelling at the pump when she said "It's for the ppl who haven't had a pump b/f just ignore the questions" I told her it made me feel like a dumba$$. LOL! I have been pumping for 23 years and that REALLY threw me for a curve.

we should have an option in our utilities menu to shut that off and go back to the old system. i got so used to the old way I don't even need to read screens, I just know which buttons to push when. now I have to read. UGH!

I know!!! The MM rep thought I was totally out of it when I told her I knew how to do it I didn't need the machine telling me how to do it! LOL!Well I wasn't that nice about the machine part! LOL!

Those questions sound irritating. I remember when my meter used to ask extra questions about verifying the "code" every 25th strip (it assumed I was on a new bottle of strips after 25 tests.) If I was sleepy/distracted I'd end up putting blood on the strip before the meter was ready and I'd end up wasting a poke, a blood drop and a strip. That used to drive me crazy. My new meter just reminds me each time it's firing up that the code is XX and then it moves on within two seconds to the ready mode. Thank you!

I have wasted so many strips that way, too. i wish people would try their stuff before they give it to us.

I agree! I hate the prompts and the pump beeps at me constantly! I used to keep my BG range at 100 but I can't do that anymore because it beeps! After about 2 months, I am starting to get used to it, the people that program these things can't be diabetic because no one needs that many prompts. Honestly, I don't even read when it says my BG is too high or too low, it's a waste of programing. If my BG is too high or low then I am rushing to do the next thing to correct it, not ask my pump help! Sorry for the rant :/

Stop being such a whine. There are people out there that probably need to be told things like that, not everyone is as intelligent as you I'm sure

I know. The upgrades would have definitely helped when I first got the pump, That's for sure. I was just having a little fun with thinking I could have it tell me cool things, that's all.

I do get annoyed at the constant buzzing and beeping sometimes at night. I know the "machine" is trying to warn me about something, usually low BG, but the CGM is always a few points off and the predicted lows are not always correct. I wish there was an auto off button that could be selected, in the dark, one click!

Keef, I totally agree. I did the minimed CGm for a while but it was either too quiet or went off too much. I changed to the dexcom which sits on my night stand and has such an easy button to find to shut it off. I can do it in my sleep if I know its off. You should give one a try.

I'm just a few months into this whole new "being connected" thing. My Nurse Practitioner recommended the MM Pump and CGM.....up until that point I was blissfully unaware such things existed. I've paid a large chunk of cash for both items and have just updated the order for the next three month of supplies (another large chunk of cash). I will certainly look at reviews for the Dexcom though......just to see what/how it works. Thanks for the insight. Keef

If you're paying cash, stick with what you have. Those things are crazy expensive. And any CGM is better than no CGM. Minimed just came up with a new bedside receiver that works like an alarm clock. Its called the my Sentry. If I had the minimed CGm I would definitely want one of these. You can adjust the volume and set different alarms. it may make it easier to shut it down also. You should check it out.

Gonna look on their site tonight when I get home from the office. Yeah, these things are way expensive. I think my out of pocket costs for the pump and CGM was $2200. My cost for Sensors is $95 per box of 10. I look at the pump and wonder why is it so really is robbery. The insertion sets Sensors, in fact all the supplies you need are way overpriced. I wonder the Chinese haven't figured it out yet and started to offer the same online :-)

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