Finally Got a Pump

It still takes a lot of self discipline, but I started using a Medtronic MiniMed insulin pump in April 2013. I was diagnosed back in December of 2001 and never really got a handle on my sugar levels. I would always range from 10-14 on my A1C (closer to 14 over the last few years)because I would truly forget supplies, fall asleep, work exta hours, etc. Basically, I had no self discipline and my doc thought I should try the pump. I finally had my first A1C since having the pump. Keep in mind due to a shoulder injury I had some steroid injections last month, but the magic number ended up being 7. I think it could have been more around 6 had I not had multiple steroid shots before the shoulder surgery. Nonetheless, I have nothing but good things to say about the insulin pump if anyone is considering. The "coach" or "trainer" Medtronic assigned to me was AWESOME. I didn't have to figure anything out on my own. They provided classes and followed up during the first 3 mos on a regular basis until both they and I felt comfortable moving forward without having my hand held.