Finally got the Minimed 722 for a trial period


Finally got a loaner 722 from the Minimed rep. yesterday. She still wouldn’t let me use saline, so I’m pretending to use the pump and entering bolus values as I go about my MDI regimen. The BD BG meter radio beaming funk is pretty neat, but I seem to have a BG meter that has a mind of its own. Any reading above 100, and my Ultra 2 and the BD don’t see eye to eye (er… screen to screen?). The difference is sometime a whopping 40 points. And yes, I checked the code on the strips, and yes, I did a control solution check too. I’m pretty impressed with the design simplicity of the Minimed, sp. the menu navigation. The automatic backlight feature is also nice. Update: There is no automatic backlight on the 722. I must have hit the down arrow key by mistake and triggered the backlight. With the availability of a luer lock capable reservoir for the Minimeds, options open up as far as infusion sets are concerned. I’ll write up my review of the Minimed 722 along with the obligatory insulin pump porn photographs on my blog.



The trial pump that I have turns on the backlight when the ambient light is low. I thought that was pretty neat, and it is a feature i’ve wanted to see in other pumps (except the Animas 2020, which wins hands down for the OLED screen)


There is no auto backlight feature on the 722. My bad. I’ve corrected the post to reflect this.