Finally got the okay to start trying to concive

I thought that i would post to introduce myself and see if there were any other Canadians, I finally got the all clear this week from my endo all is good to go to TTC (yay) last A1C is 6.0 a best ever for me.... I am type 2 but have been on the omnipod since jan of this year. Any words of advise entering into this world so to speak. I am very aware that is not easy but nothing ever is. I already have a good support team in place, my endo and team is good, my husband is amazing we have been married just about a year and a half but neither of us are as young as we would like so time is of the essence so to speak :)

I enjoy reading all of the posts it is encorageing to know that there are others going thru similar experiances.


I live in Ontario and am 9 weeks pregnant with our second baby. Our first was born in Los Angeles so it's all kind of new for me having a baby in Canada.


In Ontario as well and 5 weeks, we were supposed to wait until October's doctor visit for the all clear but... I guess we will surprise the doctor :D
Hopefully the little pea is doing fine in there since my sugar has been very high lately!