Finally I am getting my insulin pump

After fighting and fighting for this, I finally qualified for an insulin pump with a c-peptide of 0.8. Medicare will be covering this 100%. I just got off the phone with my insurance representative and I will be getting the MiniMed Paradigm 722 in clear. I should have it Monday and then I have to wait for Medtronic to contact me to set up my training dates.

Congrats!!! I think you’re going to love it!

Congrats! insulin pumps ROCK!

thats good news! you’ll gonna love it for sure… mine paid for i think 80 percent of the total amount, so thats good enough for me… the first one they gave me was the 722, and after using it for almost a month, i finally called them that i want it changed to the 522 coz 722 is kinda big for me and my dosages are not that much anyways, at first they were kinda hesitant coz they said they mailed it last week of Feb and i called them just last week too, so they said its 30 days, but i told them i just started pumpin first week of March and they agreed. I really like the 522 coz its small and looks cute… i have a clear one too… very nice…

Congrat!!! Now I know not to give up hope. I too may someday get a pump

YAY!!! This is great to hear Cody!! I am glad for you, amiga.

Never give up hope. If there is a will there is a way, I have been fighting for this for about a year. The next fight will be the cgms. If it wouldn’t have been for Kathy at CCS Medical and her being on top of the game and knowing what labs I needed and everything it wouldn’t have happened. She even clued me in on what to do to get my c-peptide level low.

Thanks. Was a long hard battle but I finally won out. This weekend is gonna be spent reading Pumping Insulin and reading the owner’s manual online and doing pump school. My doctor has told me I am welcome to start it as soon as I get it if I want.

awesome cody! congratulations! you so deserve this!

Congratulations Cody. That’s great to hear. I also have a 722, in charcoal. You will love it!!!


Fighting and fighting …need advice on second appeal stage for Pump . I have 100% coverage, but apparently they want to try insulin “therapy” for 6 months with injections prior to pump approval. Anyone else fight this good fight?

What was the outcome?

congrats to you but is it not a shame that in one of the richest countrys in the world we are still fighting for basic health care needs ? it is pitifull is what it is . everyday I hear ppl talking about their healthcare and why we have to fight for everything we get . again congrats .