Finally it's off!

So I finally got the cgm taken off today. It was an interesting 5 days...I wrote down more in a week then I have in awhile with my logs for foods..usually I just do it on my phone..but they had to have handwritten! (rolls eyes) lol All in all it wasn't too bad wearing it. On day 3 it started hurting a little bit in the morning but since that day it worked out good and didn't feel anything. Heck I was having more issues with my pump set then with the cgm! lol So it kind of hurt when they took it off because of that second skin stuff they put on...that stuff sticks for sure! Anyways, I find out on the 10th what my trends were...can't wait..wish I knew now! very anxious to find out.

So I got mixed feelings about the cgm. I think it's a good idea and all..although I'm not sure how I would feel about having it on just because it's another thing that is on me...I was able to sleep really well with it on..and it did kind of give me peace of mind even though I couldn't technically look at it..I wish medicaid would pay for it..but for now they won't..but right now I'm ok with that...maybe eventually they will when I will actually need it..I mean right now I'm pretty good at spotting my lows and highs for the most part...but after awhile I guess you have a harder time telling the symptoms? maybe by then I'd be able to get it... I still don't see why they think it's experimental and "not such a good idea"..thats what they said about insulin pumps awhile back and now it's amazing having numbers are they best they've ever been... :)

Even if you only use it a short time, you can discover surprising things that will always benefit you.

I was surprised to discover that eating carbs to bring up a low causes a mini-spike in bg (which comes down) vs the linear climb up to normal range that I expected. I discovered that coffee spikes me amazingly fast (even with no sugar, no milk). I can bring up a low with caffeine as fast as with carbs!

So cool! I would be excited too :)
I asked my parents to look into it since the dexcom is not available in Canada yet but the super high cost deterred me from ordering. Maybe when the prices come down or if the get approved in Canada and my insurance decides to cover it.
How many times did you have to test your blood during the day to calibrate it?

@maycri I only had to technically test 4 times a day even though I did more then that and I didn't have to calibrate it at all except once 2 hours after I had it placed on. I couldn't see any info. anyways.. because it was the office professional one...