Finally, officially diagnosed


Hello! I guess and hope this is the right place to introduce myself. I’m not quite a health nut, but I do feel a lot better about my health and future the more I talk and read about things, so here I am. So many posts here have been immensely helpful to me while lurking, so I hope someday I can be just as helpful back!

I was “diagnosed” almost a year ago, told I was probably Type 1 but put down on the paperwork as Type 2 “for now”. The diagnosis at all was an extremely lucky catch: I’d been mildly concerned about Type 2 diabetes for about 5 years, since it runs in my family and I’d been learning about diabetes and the effects of sugar. I watched my carbs, ranted about sugar to anyone who would listen, etc…and listening to a health podcast one day convinced me to try testing my own BG. I had been pretty ill for about 2 weeks prior, and looking back I think maybe I unconsciously felt like something was wrong. I was craving honey and orange juice, wth? I tested and…finally, almost a year later, my antibody tests are back and I’m confirmed as Type 1.

It’s taking a lot of adjusting to get used to it finally being confirmed and real and not just a suspicion. I still have a hard time just seeing the rest of my life, but I feel motivated to get involved in outreach or fundraising here, which gives me something to focus on at least. I’m really lucky in that my fiance is incredibly supportive through this process–he was always the one with the health issues.

Anyway, it was a ramble, but–hello, and well met!


Hi there, and welcome.

For what it’s worth, you officially have a name for this now. Getting it named–accurately-- is at least half the battle. You can make a game plan now. Let that lift some weight from it, instead of adding weight to it.

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Welcome, Leezil. I lurked here for about a year before I started commenting and posting. I think it’s good to have a definitive diagnosis for many reasons, including understanding better about how your body works with diabetes. While we like to say, “your diabetes may vary,” we often share many characteristics with certain people. I’ve discovered much about my own diabetes by following discussions here.

There’s a wealth of collective experience among the members. Feel free to post about any questions you might have.

We’re glad you joined!


Welcome Leezil to the club no one ever asks to join. As others have said, it’s good to have a definitive diagnosis - it gives you better focus as to how to proceed. Of course, everyone is different, and you will have to be your own science experiment to find what works for you – and just when you get it clear, it can change!

Almost 5 years since my original diagnosis, and I’m still not working with a clear-cut diagnosis. Maybe one day…

Again, Welcome!


Thank you guys for the welcome! ! :sunny:

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It does take some reevaluation when the realization sinks in that this is forever. (Oh, wait, I forgot—there will be a cure within 5 years :laughing:).

Seriously, though, if you’ve been lurking here for some time, you know that there can be rich and satisfying Life Beyond Diabetes. Joslin has now awarded a number of 80 year medals, 5 or 6 I think.

We’re glad you joined us! And as someone knowledgeable about diabetes and determined to manage it, I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be offering helpful advice to others before long. That’s the way it generally works here.

Again, welcome. :sunglasses: