Finally pumping!

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to share the good news that I’m finally on a pump… after 24 hours with it I feel a bit strange but very exited about improved control.

Overall the process was incredibly straightforward. My Diabetes Educator was great and made the transition so much easier…I’ve actually written a post with all the details in my blog.

Thanks to all that supported me through the decision of going on a pump and getting through the process.

I look forward to share my experiences as they happen… Like breaking my pump holster just a day after getting connected… VERY frustrating…



I have used the quick-set’s 9mm all of my 7 years of pumping and don’t believe I have ever had a bent/kinked cannula.

OMG, I must still be in work mode, famous email wording I don’t believe, or I believe, lordie.

Sorry about your holster. :frowning: I believe I still have my original one.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m not completely sure but I think the Sure-T’s are not available here in Australia.

In any case, I’m not sure I would go for a steel cannula unless I really need to.


Author of D and The Guy

i really hope i would have it soon too

i am going to read your post now

Great! You will love the freedom the pump will bring you. I felt like I was always trying to keep up with my long acting insulin and now I have the freedom to eat or not, unlike befor the pump!