after 7 months of waiting and arguing with insurance, going into day three with my navigator. it’s already saved me from a crash, helped me manage a weird spike and shown me a lot about my glucose behaviors that i never would have spotted even testing every hour like i had been.
while i was working on something cognitively intense today i actually WATCHED my glucose readings drop 100 points [it was an after lunch high anyway!] down to 100 without any insulin in the space of half an hour. i’d never have seen that coming that fast without the minute by minute monitoring. i had suspected it would happen, but could never bring myself to sacrifice my fingers like that [not even 5-10 minutes apart]

and while i was driving to work the first morning after i’d started the night before, it alerted me to a drop from 168 to 89 in time to get some glucose into me. that drop happened in 15 minutes and any other day i’d have noticed when i started sweating and shaking [for me that’s around 50] and had to pull over.

i can’t understand why continuous monitoring isn’t already the norm for testing