I am finally pumping after months and months of waiting and practicing, thanks for all the help everyone, I am sure I will need plenty more, I have a 10k in walt disney world in about 57 days so I will need advice from all running pumpers, !!! : )

Congratulations! I’ve been pumping now for 12 days - it is not 100% peachy, but it is definitely a great tool! Good luck with the running, make sure to practice to prepare for patterns and lows with the pump. =)

Race Day advice for a 10K.

Before the race:
Cut your basal by 50% starting between two and one hours before the race. Time it to return to your normal basis at the end of the race. For instance, I run 10k in about one hour. If the race starts at 7:00 a.m. I reduce my basal at 5:30 or 6:00 a.m. and tell the temp basal to end at 8:00 a.m. (or 2:30 to 2:00 later).

Start with an elevated BG. 170 works for me…

During the race:
Carry running gels or glucose tabs.

Test at 5k. If level - keep going. If dropping eat a gel pak or a couple of tabs. You’re dropping fast.

After the race:
Test again. If still dropping - more gel or tabs. Check your pump to make sure your basal returns to normal. Drink a lot of water. Test again in an hour, make necessary adjustments, get something to eat - like a big burger, and finally . . . have a great time at Disney World.

Works for me.

Have a great race!!



Thanks, terry ! That’s some great advice !

Blood glucose may rise after a race ( it sure does for me ) …keep finger poking and remember your " insulin on board " level …hope your pump is able to give this information , so that you do not top it with too much more insulin .

I did a 1/2 M in DW in Jan 2009 and tried for the full in 2008 …made it to 22 miles …still darn proud :wink: …you will have a marvoulous time in Magic Land

usually when I do stuff on the pump that is physically exhausting I will cut back about 50% an hour or two before then after im done I let it keep at the 50% an hour after so it has time to level out.